Nintendo's E3 Saved the Wii U's Life

Thanks to a great show at this year's E3, Nintendo has breathed new life into the previously lagging Wii U.

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Chupa-Chupa1574d ago

I think so. They had a strong presence this year.

randomass1711574d ago

And a great presentation to boot.

mikeslemonade1574d ago

Not enough. There's nothing they can do to review WiiU. Sure if you want the few exclusives that come out but as a competitor in this generation it's not.

voodoochild3461574d ago

In that case xbox one must really not be in the running then since the WiiU has been outselling it for the past few weeks.

mii-gamer1574d ago

yep, Nintendo gave the Wii U a fighting chance to be a success, irrespective of the console war jibberish

Frodosmugins1574d ago

Agree, when i saw the new Zelda i was convinced.
Plus me and my cousins/friends were looking in to MK8 and that 4player couch coop mario game before E3.

Magicite1574d ago

Before we jump to conclusions, its wise to wait at least a little, to see whether trend continues or not.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1574d ago

Yeah, they really pulled out a win this year.
And they did it despite everyone from Media to Gamers saying they'd suck again due to no conference.

The robot chicken bits where they poked fun at the detractors were especially clever, but nothing beats the Zelda U reveal and the fight between Reggie and Iwata.XD

Fel081574d ago

Their E3 definitely changed a lot of people's mind. Everyone I know now has a WiiU or wants one. And some of them thought the WiiU was a huge joke. That's why u should not judge it until u try it.

infinitewords1574d ago

It made me want one, even though I'm still on the fence about it. I know if I buy it I will only play Nintendo exclusives and that's sort of a problem. But, damn does bayonetta 2 and Zelda U look really good.

FinalomegaS1574d ago

Bayo bundle...

getting dat!

The 10th Rider1574d ago

You can easily find a deluxe bundle for $200, pick up Mario Kart 8 for $50 somewhere, register it for a free game, register everything (Wii U and games) through club Nintendo and have enough for a free VC game. $250 for the console, 3 big games and one small one (Nintendoland, Mario Kart 8 , free game with Mario Kart 8, and a bonus VC game.) Add in the lower cost you can pick up a lot of Wii U's games at and it's a pretty economical investment.

Fullmetalevolust1574d ago

Wonderful reveals and a strong line-up with games releasing sooner than later.
A few good surprises and showcasing support from indie developers.
They put faith back into the hands of gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.