Xbox's Mike Nichols on Kinect, Microsoft's strategy and customer feedback

Stevivor -- "Upon entering the suites above the Galen Centre, where the Xbox Media Briefing for E3 2014 had just taken place, Xbox’s Mike Nichols offered me a drink and a snack."

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XiSasukeUchiha2587d ago

Kinect was buzzkill, games message recieved, and MS strategy might keep pace with PS4 but it's too late to pass the PS4 now!

JBSleek2586d ago

Heard that narrative last generation at this time in the console life cycles.

Sure circumstances aren't the same but I find it odd people think a race which is likely to last 6 years can be defined in 7 months already.

Anything can really happen. Wii U could have a barrage of awesome epic games and come out the winner of this generation. Is it likely? No but could it happen. Sure.

user14394142586d ago

The Xbox One is struggling now to maintain the same resolution even with lower frame rate and downgraded graphics compared to the PS4 and PC. The speed in which technology is progressing these days I cannot see the consoles lasting 6 years at all.

JBSleek2586d ago

"The speed in which technology is progressing these days I cannot see the consoles lasting 6 years at all."

Technology isn't processing any faster than it has in the past. Actually signs are showing that it's slowing.

Pon42586d ago

Go play games you fool ps4 is dead and now zip it pathetic fanboy

Goku7812586d ago

Microsoft's strategy is only good for 2nd against the Wii U now.

headblackman2586d ago

sony fans commenting on xbox news again. wow. what a joke :-/ the hate is real. shouldn't you be writing to sony to tell them to give you some real games and to cut the indie crap out????


mmc-0072586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

xdrones are also commenting on the PS now articles?
btw, I still count more Tripple A games on the PS4
xbox haze no gamez

mmc-0072586d ago

ohh yea, xdrones can't read text with a blue background sorry my bad

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Morgue2586d ago

After what I just went with them they still need too work on their customer service.

DigitalRaptor2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Microsoft's strategy is now following what Sony is doing, not that that's a bad thing. They have to if they want to stay competitive.

But damn, if Microsoft's strategy hasn't become almost 100% reactionary to Sony. Gamers win in the end.