The Story Behind Halo 5: Guardians

Recap of the events of the Master Chief Collection to get your ready for Halo 5: Guardians.

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Goku7812593d ago

Halo was a fun ride by Bungie while it lasted, but Destiny will be here in September. Hopefully 343 will do better than Halo 4 with Halo 5.

Askanison42593d ago

I won't say much about the multiplayer but the single player campaign of Halo 4 was really good. I've been a fan since CE and loved every minute of 4.

spicelicka2593d ago

Even the multiplayer was amazing, it was very well crafted and right on par with all of the top multiplayer games in the industry, from a technical standpoint the gameplay was smooth and satisfying. It was just the system that didn't do so well, with ordnances (which i liked), loadouts, unlocks, perk-like abilities, and general Cod like characteristics.

Honestly people just like to exaggerate because they couldn't get into it. It doesn't mean the game was bad, 343 just took a different approach which i don't blame them for, and got shit for it.

I will say though, the lack of scarabs has been a severe disappointment since halo 3. I can't believe neither Reach nor halo 4 had them, even friggin ODST had one!

Naga2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

At least in terms of the campaign (i.e. The topic of this article), 343 did a stellar job with Halo 4. And it looks like they are finally exploring Master Chief's humanity - something fans have wanted for a very long time, and something that such an iconic character simply deserves.

Milesprowers2593d ago

Why is that character wearing a cape whilst wearing an Armour Suit in the middle of nowhere looking in the sky?

No thanks, I rather play Doom.

spicelicka2593d ago

lol that's all it takes to divert you from the game? You must have a pretty boring life.

Firstly, it's from a CGI teaser trailer, they just used the cape to hide his character till the end of the trailer so fans wouldn't know it was a halo trailer till the poncho blew off, and it worked.

Secondly, he never actually wears a cape in any of the games, and don't think he ever will. It was purely for cosmetic purposes.

It sounds like you're very insecure about halo's popularity to even bring up Doom over such a little thing.

Milesprowers2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Halo games only appeal to 10 year old boys that play it 24/7 in order to gain gimmicky helmets.

spicelicka2593d ago

loll now your insecurity is shining so bright I don't even think i need to say more, but keep going please, I'm sure many others are finding it entertaining as well.