‘Halo 2’ Campaign In ‘Master Chief Collection’ Might Not Be 1080p

343 Industries Franchise Director Frank O’Connor addressed rumors Tuesday that not all of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be 1080p on the Xbox One. Pixel counters were quick to analyze the screenshots of Halo 2 Anniversary Edition after E3 2014 and noticed that the images weren’t meeting the resolution claims. However, O’Connor explained that there’s a reason for that, and it won’t affect multiplayer.

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vishmarx1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

its hardly okay.(though i believe your only concern is to fill the spot for the first comment in every article with gibberish,not that you care what anything is about)/

xbox fan or not ,id be genuinely worried if a first party cant get an hd remaster of a game more than decade old,to run at 1080p.regardless of how the engine works,they should atleast have enough spare power to actually upscale the game by twice after all these years.
yes,graphics will be overhauled but the game is the same as the old.makes you wonder if they can get their killer app halo 5 to run at 1080p .
if MS themselves wont do it how do you expect other devs to deal with it

AngelicIceDiamond1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

What MS is doing is optimizing code from from older Halo games and trying to re optimize everything on the new console.

They're optimizing the MP as well as the story. What they're doing is quite a challenge from a re-coding standpoint and keeping the quality bar high.

In other words what they're doing is very challenging.

If it doesn't hit 1080p then that's ok (with me any) as long its 60 frames and dedicated cloud servers to make the game run buttery smooth. Graphically the game will still look amazing even its only 900p.

Its only a slight res downgrade not a huge compromise.

Btw I believe Halo 5 will hit 1080p.

nicksetzer11579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

He is basically saying halo 2 has a small issue currently ONLY because the second frame buffer which allows you to switch between old and new view. (so there are TWO 1080p 60fps frame buffers at the same time, once the game releases) So it is not a lie at all, especially since the game is still months out and he said it would be ok by then.

What I find funny is that when killzone completely lied about it's res AND frame rate (ran 1080x960 half of 1080p and under 50FPS avg) and it was ok, but suddenly an unreleased game still in production has to be 1080p RIGHT NOW...

@ken I compare them because this will be running TWO 1080p 60fps frame buffers at launch and is being scrutinized for not being 1080p 6 months before it even launches.... KZ actually released and was HALF of 1080p in MP and noone batted an eye. I am not comparing the power of the games, but the hypocrisy of expectation. How can you criticize a game in development for not meeting it's claims, yet completely disregard a game that literally delivered HALF of what it claimed?

Pro Racer1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

This is hardly an issue as it only affects single player and only one of the four campaigns. 30 FPS is still very much playable, as is 900p.

XBOTTOX1579d ago

I Honestly don't think halo 5 will be in 1080p.
60FPS CONFIRMED - Resolution ????

I think the reason that it might not be in 1080p is because its pushing the original halo 2 in the background. I remember them saying it had something to do with the instant switching versus the delayed switch in Halo:Anniversary.

Ken851579d ago Show
Eonjay1579d ago

I wouldn't be worried about it.

"The game is essentially running two graphics engines at the same time. Rendering and storing the images for both versions at 1080p simultaneously..."

Obviously it can run both engines at the same time so I bet the are running into issues swapping the buffers in memory or something tricky like that but I wouldn't worry.

They have like 5 months to figure it out. It will be fine.

horndog1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


It's not your job to worry boss. I play halo because it's a blast to play on line. Sorry that I forget to count pixels while I'm playing.

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cyclindk1579d ago

I officially quit trying to understand anything visually technical in nature... Even screen resolution now...

Maddens Raiders1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

If we don't learn from the past... we are doomed to repeat it.

BitbyDeath1579d ago


KZ actually outputs as 1080p in both single and multiplayer.

As per the link cyclindk posted -

"Native is often used to indicate images that are not scaled; it is native by that definition."

So as I mentioned above, native as it does not upscale from a lower res, it is not 1920x960 as you had suggested, it is 1920x1080.

"If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native."

The 'pipeline' is the parts that form the image, not the final image.

Or to quote DBZ - "This isn't even my final form!"

nicksetzer11579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

@bitbydeath Just because you lack of understanding allows you to believe their spin, doesn't make it true. 1080p native refers to a 1080x1920 framebuffer that allows for all post processes to be applied to that signal. KZ's MP is a horizontally interlaced 1080i, which IS a 1080x1920 signal, but only after 2 cycles. (so ONLY 1080x960 per frame) Basically every other cycle is using old data, giving you a more blurry look than you get with 720p. Especially with a 50FPS avg. They are acting like they created some never before seen technique, however 1080i is older than 1080p, and anyone with any knowledge on the subject knows that 1080i is similar to (IMO, as well as most others, worse) 720p. Also, the strain on the hardware for that frame buffer IS half of what 1080p NATIVE would be.
However don't take my word for it (SPOILERS: some 1080i signals cut the vertical in half):

I am glad you are able to swallow the lie they fed you to cover up their lie, I however don't. In all honesty, if they wouldn't have lied I could care less, but the fact they went out of their way to lie initially is telling.

Also before you try to google how I am wrong, realize that 1080i ONLY applies when a tv and hardware are processing a signal in the same way. So for a video game console to use a 1080i framebuffer to OUTPUT 1080p (only after 2 scan aka. 2 frames) it is a bit different. May I clarify that the result is the same, and even the strain induced, however the process of putting that signal into a frame buffer to be decoded by the games engine is called TEMPORAL PROJECTION, TRXX is the common aliasing method used to cover up the blur and missed frames of using this process.

However, the ONLY reason I bring this up is because you fanboys are such hypocrites that you criticize an unreleased game that is using TWO 1080p 60FPS framebuffers at the same time, but completely disregard KZ's resolution discrepancy.

EDIT: ALSO, may I add that contrary to their statement you quoted TEMPORAL PROJECTION is in fact a method of upscaling. (they claimed no scaling was involved) Feel free to read up below.

@JP I would highly recommend you attempt reading my comment, would do a world of help. I specifically state ONLY KZ's MP... However, KZ's MP is the part that is a lie, as that is the part they claimed was 1080p 60fps. Good try though.

JP13691579d ago

I love how Nick talks about a lack of understanding and then fails to mention that Killzone runs at 1920*1080 in SP. If you really want a like-for-like, why not mention all the games that run at higher resolutions and frame rates on PS4 than they do on One.

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UltraAtomic1579d ago

Its very hard to do. Its basically that switch form HD, to regular. Honestly its really not a big deal, I think they can get there.

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vishmarx1579d ago

then why dont you just play the normal halo 2 which is already available?

Mr Pumblechook1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Microsoft have already said the game will be 1080p 60fps so this story must be incorrect.

EDIT: holy sugar. I just re-read the story. It turns out It is only 1080p for multiplayer, not single player. Frank O' Connor and Phil Spencer knew this when they pimped this on stage but said nothing.

Microsoft's excuse...
"As for the confusion on what is and isn’t 1080p in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, O’Connor explained that, “There was no simple way to clarify that in our two minutes on stage at E3."

They could have clarified it when they said 1080p. Very naughty.

bouzebbal1579d ago

@Mr Pumblechook:
MS also said that power of the cloud allows computing power of 10 x1. now is this incorrect?
how about xbox one IS kinect! wake up!

Volkama1579d ago

@UtraAtomic it isn't a switch between resolutions. Have a google for some comparison screenshots, you'll see the changes are quite extensive.

Having said that, I really don't see that it matters what resolution the Halo 2 remaster outputs at. It is not going to have the intracacy of detail to take advantage of a high res anyway. It does not need be 1080p for Halo's art style. They should focus on locking the framerate and getting a very high quality of AA and shadows imo, so we get no ugly defects.

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imt5581579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


Quote :

He is basically saying halo 2 has a small issue currently ONLY because the second frame buffer which allows you to switch between old and new view. (so there are TWO 1080p 60fps frame buffers at the same time, once the game releases) So it is not a lie at all, especially since the game is still months out and he said it would be ok by then.

Do you understand that original Halo 2 even @1080p/60fps are not in the same league like H2 Ann? Original Halo 2 DOESN'T have modern graphical effects so it can be easily fit into eSRAM and does not take so much space in eSRAM, dude. Damn, game is 10 years old! Halo 2 ann. is another story. Remastered engine with modern graphical effects and it can't fit into eSRAM's 32 MB with original Halo 2. Cut down the resolution than.

Btw. Killzone SF in MP technically is 1080p. GG use another technique to achieve that and THERE IS NO UPSCALING!

ShinMaster1579d ago

This has to be wrong. There's no way the Xbox One can't handle Halo 2 in 1080p, right?

I mean, that's the point of remasters.

Azzanation1579d ago

The problem with fanboys like yourself is you clearly don't know how companies make games. You claim a game doesn't run in 1080p that the game doesn't meet a standard. You have no idea what there pushing in Halo 2, If MS and every other developer wanted to they can make every XB1 game 1080p, its called downscaling which I would rather not go though those stages, I would rather play a game like DR3 with over 20k zombies in the screen at 720p then play it at 1080p with less then 10k.

Its called being a smart developer and deciding what's more important in games then just a simple pixel count. All next gen machines output HD graphics as a standard unlike last gen half the games weren't even HD.

4k will be a standard soon mid way thought these consoles life, what are you going to say when these machines don't release games at 4k?

cubcake1579d ago

@ vishmarx... "genuinely worried" LOL!!!!

Disappointed, sure. Genuinely worried? You genuinely worry about paying bills or feeding your family. Not about resolution of a video game. Lol

Utalkin2me1579d ago


Its obvious what the difference between 1080i and 1080p is. You can post links to that all day. But at least post information to back up you claim that KZSF is running in 1080i.

DoubleM701579d ago

You do know it done on the fly? We talking updated graphics scaled to 1080P at the click of a button done in real time. They also said they are working on it getting it done. I'm starting to think these DEVS should just start lying instead telling the truth about the one. Everytime they try and be honest it backfires in Micrsoft face.

MrCherry1579d ago

Why put that in first.. or at all? I dont think anyone cares if he got the first sound like a kid "he cut in line" get over it!

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therevolution1579d ago

The reason they're struggling with resolution is that they are running 2 engines and one of them is being built from the ground up, that's not easy for any hardware. But in order to allow the original Halo2 engine to remain intact it puts strain on the new engine

Neonridr1579d ago

The game is running two engines at once. Did you even read the article?

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The_Hero1579d ago

Halo 3 on Xbox 360: 1080p
Halo 2 Remake on Xbox One: may not be 1080p


The_Hero1579d ago

Is it just me, but this game don't looks all that good judging from the E3 video.

Evilsnuggle1579d ago

WOW the xbone is so weak it can't run a 10 year old game in 1080p 60fps wow . Hear come the xbone APOLOGETICS fanboys to explain why a so called " NEXT GEN" console can't run a 10 year old game in 1080p 60fps this is pathetic and ridiculous .

trying to make a point comparing Killzone a next game to a 10 year old game is ridiculous .Killzone is in 1080p 60fps and not upscaled.
now xbone fanboys want to move the goalpost . Killzone runs in the 50th in frame rates . All games drop frame rates even high end PC cut the B.S . You would have to have frame rates in the 75 -80 to lock frame rates at 60fps .

You don't understand TEMPORAL PROJECTION but you call it upscaling when it's not.
TEMPORAL PROJECTION is not a new technique . It basically take half a new frame and half a old frame and combines the two in to a new 1080p frame . This is all done before rendering the new frame .So yes the frame is in 1080p .

1080p by definitions is just the amount of pixels displayed in a frame . There are 2 million pixels in a 1080p frame that is what 1080p means . Upscaling is to change a lower resolution frame to a higher resolution frame after the frame is render. TEMPORAL PROJECTION is done before the frame is render . Native resolution means not upscaled or changed.
This is pathetic now xbone fanboys want to change the definition of upscaling and native 1080p resolution for their apologetics defense agenda. GG never lied they said they were using TEMPORAL PROJECTION before the game was released .

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1579d ago


Man...learn what optimization means. That's not what they're trying to do at all. >_>


Further underlines the hardware problem MS continues to face with the X1. They simply didn't make a gaming machine first it's clearly an afterthought which is one reason it is where it is now.

tuglu_pati1579d ago

Get rid of the original version switching and give us 1080p, we all know how Halo 2 looked back in the days.

bigbic1579d ago


I had to join to respond to your ridiculous accusations in your comments. And the fact you get a well said and intelligent shows how backwards some users on this site are.

Temporal Projection is NOT up scaling! Up scaling is an expanding of an image to give an illusion of more pixels, while temporal projection is a replacement of pixels to actually create a real 1080p image. You say they lied but the did not in any way! You say it's up scaling but it's not even close! Temporal projection is hardware intensive, but up scaling doesn't require much of anything to do...

It's funny you get all preachy about them somehow lying and you say it's really up scaled. And yet I bet you give Aaron Greenburg a free pass for when he said all games output in 1080p on X1, yet he forgot to mention it was up scaled, and hardly any have true 1080p pixels. In that case it really is up scaled!

1579d ago
choujij1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Two engines or not, if the system can't do it, it can't do it. Oh, well. It's not like it would be the first Xbone title to miss that mark.

What I still don't get is, if 1080p isn't an issue, why are the xbox fanboys trying to defend the possibility of this remaster not hitting 1080p in campaign mode? Why does it seems to matter sometimes and not other times? That makes no sense to me. I would just come to terms with it, and expect sub 1080 and hope for the best. And when you get it, you get it.

corvusmd1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Can you please read the article first!?!?! All Halo MP 1-4 1080p/60fps. Halo 1, 3 and 4, already 1080p 60fps confirmed. Halo 2 most likely 1080p/60fps at launch, the ONLY question is in regards of getting it to SYNCH with the old engine instantaneously. So while running two completely separate engines at the same time, the concern is the ability to link them up (and if you read between the lines there, it sounds like they CAN get it to run at 1080p/60fps, but MAY have to downgrade it to get the synch to work)...the rest of the game (older AND newer Halos) are at 1080p/60fps...and you're conclusion is that they "can't do it". Well done.

The ONLY thing that concerns me about an article like this is how it will rile up fanboys like this. Someone with just enough knowledge to create unnecessary problems. That's the problem with fanboys these days, they only read the headlines, and don't have enough knowledge to understand the details.

An article like this only brings to light how much some people just WANT to be fanboys and were itching for a chance to say ANYTHING negative about this game. I can't wait till it dawns on them that the res debates are just pathetic anyway. Now I'll go back to infamous so I can watch all the pop-ins and sketchy framerate issues, and watch the shadow line paint the ground 5 feet in front of me when I run....god bless the Photo Mode...still shots don't show that stuff.

Side note: Did anyone watch the gameplay of Halo 2 and say..."hmm that looks sub 1080p?" Didn't think so....

jebabcock1578d ago


Not that kz has ANY bearing on the ability to produce desired framerate/res... But if you are going to bring it up don't troll and don't twist facts soo terribly...

You are very disingenuous... kz isn't 1080i... You obviously know that... 1080i doesn't show a full picture ever... while kz does show a full picture... it just only ever updates half the pixels on a given frame and uses AA to try and clean up the other half. Is it truthfully equivalent to 1080p no... But it isn't 1080i as you indicate... depending on the specific techniques it is likely FAR closer to 1080p than it is 1080i.

To say it is 1080i almost makes me think you are just regurgitating data you don't understand.. but the more logical explanation is you are trolling...

On Topic

Outside of cooked cg, likely halo 2 will not be as graphically mastered as the other games... But then as others have pointed out... it isn't about the graphics... The first 3 halo games had awful graphics... didn't hurt sales then... Won't hurt sales now. Any improvement from the original can only help sales. It is about gameplay though first and foremost...

Volkama1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Temporal reprojection is a method of upscaling.

Bubble me down numerous times for numerous personal attacks if you like: Each one of you that stubbornly insists it is somehow entirely different (or links that stupid explanation where GG try to manipulate the definition of the term) is gullible. Outrageously, comically gullible.

Have a read of this. Hell just read the title if you want: "Spatiotemporal Video Upscaling using Motion-Assisted Steering Kernel (MASK)

Then come back and explain how Killzone's temporal projection is not a method of upscaling, and/or is better than upscaling.

Then consider that spacial-temporal deinterlacing has been part of the chipsets in many TVs since 2005, and perhaps isn't so cutting edge after all:

Or just go on happily believing that upscaling is some simplistic stretching of an image, and what killzone does is future-tech awesome sauce. But keep it to yourself and stop trying to convince other people of it.

I don't actually care at all that Killzone uses upscaling in it's multiplayer. Really don't care. Whatever GG felt would get the best results for the game is fine by me. But it bugs the hell out of me seeing people parrot whatever BS they are told, and think they are smart saying it.

Benchm4rk1578d ago

@The Hero

Halo 3 on Xbox 360 was 600P if im not mistaken

bigbic1578d ago


No personal attacks or bubble down, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But up scaling IS stretching an image to give an ILLUSION of more pixels. That is what it means when people say up scaling.

What GG is doing is ADDING in more real pixels to complete a picture, there is no illusion of pixels, they are really there.

I suppose if you want to get super technical it is not native 1080p because they had to complete an un finished image, but the pixels are still the exact same amount on screen.

Just my thoughts, no attacks.

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Trekster_Gamer1579d ago ShowReplies(2)
fr0sty1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

One 1080p frame takes up about 13mb. 2 of them rendered together will take up 26mb. The frame buffer needs massive bandwidth, so devs would want to use ESRAM for that instead of the DDR. There is only 32mb of ESRAM to work with, and there are other functions that need high bandwidth RAM for the GPU to be able to do its thing. This is where they are hitting a challenge.

This is why many Xbox One games choose higher quality effects, faster frame rate, etc. over hitting 1080p resolution. Dropping the frame size frees up a little more of that 32mb for other processes.

Jughead34161579d ago

Man. The damage control is sad. There's no excuse for this game not to be in full HD.

1579d ago
Dlacy13g1579d ago

@jughead And nobody has said it wont ship at full 1080p for all versions. Work in progress =/= final build.

DrJones1579d ago

That's it. I'll stop reading comments on game articles.

ThePope1579d ago


Thank you for stating the FACTS so calmly. These PS fanboys, that come into Xbox articles drive me crazy. I get it, you can't play this amazing collection of games. But its ok, you can either buy an X1 and play them or just play something else.

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FanboyKilla1579d ago ShowReplies(3)
Magicite1579d ago

No problem!
Xbox users got used with sub FullHD games, that cannot possibly stop them from buying new games.
Although the question is - how does this affect those who dont own Xbox console yet and are/might consider to get one.

DougLord1579d ago Show
BallsEye1579d ago

The f with these 1080p articles? They run 2 engines AT ONCE AND YOU CAN SWITCH BETWEEN THEM SEAMLESSLY! Also I rather play 900p game or any other res than play nothing due to lack of fun games and lurk in internet just to downplay XO because I have nothing better to do. Suddenly pixel quantity became more important than pixel quality and game quality itself. Gaming community around here is getting worse everyday.

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Robochobo1579d ago

Sad to hear that switching between both engines is making it difficult to run at 1080p. Hopefully they can get it working as intended.

vishmarx1579d ago

switching engines huh?
oh yeah thats totally the problem.
like how every other game manages 1080p on xbox without breaking a sweat

christocolus1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

While playing all 4 games the xbox one will constantly keep running the original engine along with the new engine to allow instant switching between both and according to Chris Ayoub(during his e3 interview with gamertag radio) the halo mcc will feature instant switching unlike the halo anniversary edition on 360 which had a slight delay when switching. Halo2 also happens to be getting the biggest visual upgrade so yes it could be the reason. How many remasters allow the gamer switch between classic and new on the fly?throw in the fact that they are currently giving us 4 games packed into one.343 may still have some work to do but i think they've done an amazing job so far. nothing is certain they could still get it up and running at a higher res before launch.

Robochobo1579d ago

Considering the game is being rendered twice at once, yes, I would say it might be what Frank stated.

fr0sty1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Even with the upgrades, they're not pushing the console as hard as it could be pushed. They could solve the problem with one more option... a 1080p mode that doesn't let you switch, and a sub 1080p mode that does.

randomass1711579d ago

That is completely ridiculous. Why the heck would the multiplayer be 1080p but not the campaign?

Bigpappy1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Ask the people who made killzone from scratch for the PS4 that question when you get a chance.

By the way. Halo 2 (remastered) looks amazing!

randomass1711579d ago

lol I should probably do that. And to the people disagreeing, I'm not knocking Halo 2 remastered at all. I just can't believe the idea that one part would be 1080p but not another. That just seems like a silly thing to do for what looks is such a good looking remake.

Utalkin2me1579d ago


Maybe you should do some research first before spouting nonsense.

snookiegamer1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


So 'cos MS can't get Halo 2 (10 years old) to run @1080p, you wanna deflect that onto Killzone SF?

Hahaha, you people make my day!!!

LAWSON721579d ago

Halo's SP is known to look better than the MP.

nerdman671579d ago

It is running both the Original Halo 2 and the remastered at the same time, rendering both takes a lot of power, doing it at 1080p and 60 fps is a struggle.
Lowering it to something like 900p will make sure it looks good and also keeps a good frame rate

AceBlazer131579d ago

Halo 2 not running at 1080p? Should fit right in on the XB1? Lol it's a joke people, most likely it'll be ironed out by launch, I mean it can't be that bad. Good thing you guys don't care about res.

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