7 Fascinating Things We Learned About Tales From The Borderlands At E3 2014

Katy Goodman writes:
"Perhaps one of my favorite hands-off experiences this E3 was Telltale’s demo for their up-coming Tales from the Borderlands, a new episodic game based on Gearbox’s co-op shooter series. While I was initially concerned by how much detail Telltale would be able to pull to fill their need for narrative, they quickly showed me just how rich the Borderlands series truly was.

After the demo of the game, which I gushed over here, I got the chance to sit down with Job Stauffer, the PR Director of Telltale Games. In it we talk their choice of lore, the inspiration for the protagonists, and the innovative manners in how games can convey stories. Here are the highlights from our chat:"

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