Jurassic Park Invades ArmA 3 Via This Upcoming Mod - New Video Released

YouTube’s member ‘McRuppertle’ is currently working on a dinosaur mod for ArmA 3 that is inspired by Jurassic Park, and the modder has just released a new video for it.

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Anthotis1580d ago

This has "win" written all over it.

It'll be a shame about the inevitable C & D letter.

3-4-51579d ago

This is the coolest "ad" for a game I've seen in a while and possibly the coolest mod ever.

That looked like a lot of fun.

Genuine-User1580d ago

how I wish someone made a decent Jurassic Park game for current gen.

TheFreshestLlama1580d ago

A survival horror Jurassic Park game is my dream. It would be so easy to make, too. Dinosaurs are scary shit!

johny51580d ago

I was expecting to hear Schwarzenegger over the intercom yell out, GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!

gantarat1580d ago

ArmA 3 mod Predator"s" ?

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