Feedback on PlayStation Now Beta not as Good as Expected

Since E3, select members of the gaming community have been invited to the PlayStation Now beta. As anyone knows, any service in a closed Beta is susceptible to bugs, glitches, and incomplete features; according to user feedback so far, PlayStation Now is no exception. Whether it spells disaster for the service or saves it, Sony needs to address it as soon as possible.

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Eonjay2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Good. Handle it now while its in beta. When the service launches you will want it to be as bug free and reliable a possible. Don't pull a BF4

RexDD2593d ago

I'm on the beta, and for me it's almost unplayable. I love Sony, but if it keeps on like this I don't think it will be very successful. But that's what beta's are for so hopefully they'll fix it.

Eonjay2593d ago

What issues are you experiencing?

RexDD2593d ago

Game freezes and moments of extreme input lag. The game itself is fine, no FPS drops or anything, but when I press a button the game takes several seconds in registering the button press.

And other very minor bugs like having to rent a game twice, although those will most likely be fixed.

aconnellan2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Are you having similar issues with latency/pricing?

Edit: you just replied :p those sound pretty annoying, are they a constant, or does it vary from game to game?

RexDD2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

There are slight differences from game to game but not by much. the input lag is pretty constant, at least for me.

Edit: One thing I should mention, I play mostly wirelessly, So it's still pretty impressive that I can play the game at all. Wired connection does give me better performance, but I still get input lag and game freezes sometimes.

grashopper2593d ago

Could even be how far you are from the server running the game. Wonder where they run out of.
Never had a freeze myself.

MysticStrummer2593d ago

"I play mostly wirelessly"

According to the article, you shouldn't be doing that. How valid can your complaints be if you don't follow instructions?

Death2592d ago

How accessable is the service if you exclude the most popular connection method? Why even give the option to access the service wirelessly if it makes such a big differance in the first place?

Brim2592d ago

not every one has their systems directly next to their routers so are u telling those people not to purchase PSnow?

lashes2ashes2592d ago

If his internet is fast enough it should not matter. I have a 20mbs connection on wired and just a little under that using wifi. Well above the 10mbs high quality mark Sony stated and I have imput lagg when playing.

ShadowKingpin2592d ago

Yeah....I have 44Mbps and using an Ethernet cord and it still has issues. It's a great thing to invest in, but no way in hell will the full thing be ready in July. They NEED to push it back farther and keep it in beta to experiment with it more. It's a cool concept, but it's just not ready.

Zero-One2592d ago

There's a reason why it's a beta, you know that? So people like you can test it. This isn't final, stop treating like that. Stop treating betas like demos or something.

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GribbleGrunger2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

I really think Sony should stop public betas completely. People appear to be too stupid to understand what a beta means and why we have them.

Bzone242593d ago

Yeah, people shouldn't complain about anything in the beta. That way nothing gets fixed and it ends up getting officially released with the problems. /s

GribbleGrunger2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

No, people shouldn't complain about a beta. People are supposed to 'inform' Sony on what isn't working properly and what they think needs changing, while Sony also test the service themselves. That's what a BETA is for.

Like I said, and you've just proven, Sony need to stop having public betas because clearly people haven't got a clue what they're for.

Bzone242593d ago

Did this article not "inform" of issues with the beta?

GribbleGrunger2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

"Feedback on PlayStation Now Beta not as Good as Expected."

How good did they expect it to be? Did they expect it to be so good that it didn't need a beta? If they didn't expect it to be perfect then by what degree does the acceptance of imperfection versus perfection warrant 'below expectations'?

There is no validity in 'expectation' when the product you have 'expectations' for is still unfinished and in beta testing. When the beta is finished and the product is released, THEN we can have 'expectations'. In the mean time people who are beta testing PSNow should be informing Sony on what needs changing in order to meet our 'expectations.'

To put it another way, this is what the article and headline are saying:

"This unfinished product doesn't meet the expectations we had for the finished product."

johndoe112112592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I think I understand what gribble is saying bzone. A beta is supposed to be you contacting sony and telling them "hey sony, I get lags and freezes from time to time and I'm using a (insert internet speed here) internet connection and I'm living in (insert state or country here).Also I think you should probably look at changing your subscription price to (insert suggestion here) because a lot of people including myself probably won't find the current one cost effective."

Instead what you have are beta testers coming online and going "IS SONY CRAZY???? Those prices are just ridiculous!!! Every time I play I get LAG LAG LAG!!!! And that doesn't even include the freezes!! I've got a 200GB internet connection So I don't see why I'm having this problem. If sony doesn't fix this fast this is going to fail. In fact, this is already a failure. What a waste of money sony. PS NOW IS ALREADY DEAD!!!!"

That's what gribble is talking about. Beta testers are supposed to test the damn thing knowing that there will be issues and inform sony of the issues. Also sony already said they need feedback on the pricing yet every media outlet is ignoring that and already saying that it's dead because of the current pricing. Beta testers are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, working with sony and giving them feedback. They are just bitching and moaning online.

Death2592d ago


"Public beta's" are a marketing tactic. Data is collected from stress testing the servers, but the actual feedback is useless since the issues reported are known issues prior to the public seeing them. No one at Sony is surprised by the results. When we participate in "beta's" such as this, the goal is to create awareness of the product or service. It creates "buzz".

If the market reacts negatively to the product, it is a sign that the product isn't as ready as they thought or pricing isn't right for the market.

As an older gamer that has been around much longer than Sony has in regards to gaming, I don't see the viability of PSNow. I don't believe the market or technology is ready and feel Sony wasted the money it spent on Gaikai. Even if the technology was right, the business model surrounding streaming seems to conflict with the existing business model gaming has followed for decades. Sony is trying desperately to cover the market from every angle. All I see them doing is diluting their gaming strategies by stretching them thin along with their budget. Sony was unable to do consoles and hand helds let alone consoles, handhelds, streaming and VR. They don't have the budget, the man power, investor support, or a clear vision on what they want to do.

The PS4 is an early hit. They need to focus on that and put PSNow and VR on the back burner indefinately. If they have extra resources, those would be best served supporting the handheld they introduced not too long ago instead of repurposing it as a controller that also focuses on indie gaming.

KwietStorm_BLM2592d ago

Except there's a different between giving constructive criticism in a beta Vs saying the service is a failure and Sony should drop it completely, *while it's still in beta*. It happens all the time with these public betas. Most gamers who get into betas don't even go into it with the mentality that they want to help shape the product. They just want the early access.

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MysticStrummer2593d ago

The article is much more positive than the headline.

Darkstares2592d ago

You need to stop this campaigning on Sony's behalf first and foremost. That way your bias wouldn't keep getting in the way. This beta is doing exactly what it's supposed to do, bring awareness to issues before it comes out in its final stages. These people who signed up are likely Sony's biggest supporters so if they are saying there's problems then chances are they want them fixed quickly. What better way than to go public? Also the more people they open it up to the more stress can be put on the system so we are not like we have been many times in the past when something launches A huge cluster++++ of sign in errors, lag and other connection issues.

One question I do have, are they charging these beta testers for access?

GribbleGrunger2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

"You need to stop this campaigning on Sony's behalf first and foremost. That way your bias wouldn't keep getting in the way."

You appear to be missing the point entirely. I will be the first to complain if those prices stay the same or the service doesn't run well on my PS4. However, I cannot complain because the product isn't finished. I can only inform Sony of the problems so that by the time it's released, I hopefully have nothing to complain about. Why are so many people finding this difficult to grasp?

That's a rhetorical question ... I already know the answer in most cases.

marloc_x2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Sony's biggest supporters are getting charged for the "privilege" of beta testing..

BX812592d ago

@ gribble
Give it a break bro. It's a beta people should complain if they want. It's informative. It also gives Sony another avenue to seek for beta feedback not just sony's website.

liquidhalos2592d ago


I don't think you understand, the purpose of a beta is to highlight problem areas so that they can be fixed. If these people who are having issues didn't say something Sony might not realise they exist and the final product would have problems. That's the whole reason Sony have a beta program. They want your feedback, they want to know what they got right and what they got wrong. (think Battlefield 4 at release) nobody wants to see Sony make the same mistake.

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MRMagoo1232592d ago

I have no friggin clue as to why you are getting disagrees, the beta is there for exactly the reasons you say, people making these articles seem to be clueless, all they need to do is inform sony and thats it not make an article every time there internet drops out.

Darkstares2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I didn't realize beta testers had to pay for access. So why wouldn't they complain publicly about the prices of the games then? If they also have to pay for the content then again they have every right to be public about the lag.

Most beta's are free because those testers know they are going to be using an unfinished product. Therefore they have no right to complain. If Sony is charging for the content on this 'beta' then is it really a beta like you suggest it is?

Spotie2592d ago

So why are you here again? What sort of constructive are you contributing? Given your comment history, it seems likely you came here solely to stir up some stuff.

What gribble says is right here. There's a difference between complaining about things not working and giving useful feedback that can be used to improve the service.

Most of what's going on is the latter, since it's not being directed at Sony(and we all know that's exactly the case).

Darkstares2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )


you have one conversation bubble so don't even go there with accusations about peoples posting history. All of this feedback is being directed at Sony one way or another and the more feedback out there means the quicker Sony will want to fix it. That's the whole purpose, to make it better. We all want that, which is why I am here. There is a difference between telling everyone the service has no hope and pointing out real issues. Learn the difference.

Why did you not comment on these beta testers having to pay for access? So how is that like most beta's in the past?

liquidhalos2592d ago

Yeah how dare people give feedback in a beta. Don't they know that the idea of a beta isn't for feedback but instead it's a platform to pretend everything is brilliant with no issues. Silly consumers thinking that they can point out problems with a service. Next thing you know people will think that they can point out problems in other areas so that they can get better value for money later down the line. Remember they saying, if it's broken, don't complain and want it fixed. /s

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KinjoTakemura2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

I've never had any serious issues with lag, even while I have a wireless connection to the service. The only problem I see with the service at the moment is the pricing.