NHL 15 Athlete Cover Revealed - Patrice Bergeron wins it

CanadianGamer writes: "We we're supported to know tonight during the NHL Awards who would be the cover athlete for NHL 15. Unfortunatly, spoilers are part of the game and Yahoo Sports! announced early that Patrice Bergeron was voted by fans to be the new cover athlete.

There is also a pre-order banner up on featuring what seems to be the new cover artwork."

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thorstein1628d ago

(Boston Accent) This sucks! Bergeron is a wicked scumbag! PK Subban is bettah!

thorstein1628d ago

Ever been to Boston? Ever hear them speak? I know I threw you off by putting the words "Boston Accent" in parentheses, but I'd hoped it would have been obvious once I used the word:

Wicked and put "ah" instead of "er" on Better.

mikeslemonade1628d ago

The heck is the NHL?? NBA and NFL are the only two sports that matter.

LAME sports make me go take a nap

rdgneoz31628d ago

Yah, doesn't make much sense. Bergeron is actually one of the nicer guys on the Bruins team, most people tend to hate Thorton or Lucic. Also, any guy who can play through a broken rib, separated shoulder, and punctured lung at the same time deserves a little respect.

kanyewesting1628d ago

What makes less sense is no Blackhawks even being up for voting.

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OpieWinston1628d ago

Too bad was really looking forward to picking up NHL 15. Guess not anymore. Not playing a game with a dirty player...Especially Bergeron.

Boston got stomped this year, idk why the hell he won. Stupid Boston fans spamming Twitter, PK Subban was a way better player.

DarkZane1628d ago

Obviously, the vote didn't matter and they chose Bergeron regardless of the results, because there is no way he won that vote.

James-GAMES1628d ago

Bergeron is a very popular player here in boston trust me