Let’s Make a Movie: Mass Effect

Tyler Mitchell, GIZORAMA - "We all do it. Gamers love to sit around and cast their favorite video game characters for live-action movies. Most of the time, we simply rehash fan favorites (Nathan Fillion in EVERYTHING!), but I like to think a little further; a little more realistically. In this feature, I plan to think through a film further than the big-named actor attached, but also the director, writer(s), etc.

This time I’ll be tackling gaming’s biggest space opera, Mass Effect."

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Hellsvacancy2596d ago

The article was going quite well until I saw "Gerard Butler"

I like him but in he's not Shepard material- period, no side of the universe can hide that accent of his

Whaterver actor they do use will be wrong, my Shepard looked like James Caan