Over Two Hours Of Far Cry 4 Gameplay

A few lucky streamers just streamed over two hours of Far Cry 4 for your viewing pleasure. has the link.

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cfc831577d ago

The most over rated franchise alongside halo and call of duty. I played fc2 and it was no big deal at all.

mezati991577d ago

FC3 was was one of the best shooters i have ever played in my life

Fishy Fingers1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Yep, FC2 was a repetitive engine show piece but FC3 was excellent and managed to provide a great shooter with a healthy dose of fun. FC4 looks to expand upon that formula and I personally can't wait.

mikeslemonade1577d ago

someone actually agrees with me.. that's correct Far Cry is one of the most overated franchises along with Assasins Creed. COD is actually a good game. Far Cry is just bland and the graphics should be better.

vishmarx1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

FC3 was easily the best fps last gen.(alongside borderlands 2 imo)
screw halo, cod,bf4 and screw multiplayer
thats the direction fps games need to go in

Utalkin2me1577d ago

That wasn't over 2 hours of FC4 gameplay, more like 30 mins. The rest of the time he was streaming FC3.

BattleAxe1576d ago

I prefered FC2 over FC3, but thought FC3 was a high quality game. With Far Cry 2, the environment was so realistic, that it almost felt like I was in Africa.

The two bad things about the game were no predators and enemy soldiers respawning at checkpoints that you had already cleared out multiple times. Some people complained about the malaria, but I didn't think it was such a big deal. It just meant that you had to complete more missions.

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objdadon1577d ago

Lol! I mean really? Farcry 3 was da shit! And part 4 looks even better!

ginsunuva1577d ago

Actually 4 looks worse somehow - more rushed and recycled.

mafiahajeri1577d ago

Far cry 1 and 2 were never highly praised, now 3 is a different story and deservedly so!

DoomeDx1577d ago

Far cry 1 not highly praised? What!? Its one of the better shooters out there.


FC2, while some elements of the games design and it's overall story was crap, it was by far one of the best looking games from last gen.

Personally I still think it looked better then farcry 3. maybe it's because I have lived in Africa, but some of the scenes with the sunsets etc were stunning.

Farcry 3 was awesome in terms of it getting everything right that FC2 got wrong. I just wasn't as visually "stunned" by it as I thought I was going to be.

FC overrated??? well, tell us what game you feel is more deserving of taking it's place because I think you talking crap, same goes for Halo!

brich2331577d ago

Well 2 was nothing special, I believe it was a malaria similuator. Far cry 3 was way better than 2.

starchild1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Oh shut up. All you are proving to people is that you have horrible taste and/or are just a mindless hater. I don't go into articles about games I don't like just to tell everybody else that the game they like is "overrated". People like you hate on things that are popular just to be contrary and get attention.

Omegasyde1577d ago

You just gave the definition of a hipster.

Hipsters suck.

Phene1577d ago

You got some hate cfc83 ...but I kinda agree with u, I understood FC3 getting good reviews, but I don't understand how people were raving mad about the game. It was repetitive, looked the same every where you went, and the AI/outposts/and story were all weak. Best part of FC3 was Vaas, and they killed him. But I will also give credit that it looked good and ran smooth, but ultimately just boring after a while. You look at games like The Phantom Pain, and you toss it up to yet another "open world" game but what separates it from the chaff are the mechanics. Like I'm buying Destiny which I had a blast in the alpha, but after seeing TPF I see the potential devs have to include really good gameplay mechanics and they don't.

user56695101577d ago

i never knew it was over hyped i am tired of them making far cry and AC games tho.

thelwebb1001577d ago

That's the thing..You only played Far Cry 2.

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masterfox1577d ago

where are the two hours of FC4 ?,

Phene1577d ago

Yeh I need a YouTube link lol

cfc831577d ago

It must be an age thing. At 31 im probably a old fart to half of the regular posters. I just dont see what fc brings to the table. Whatever bitch, innit ?

starchild1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I'm older than you and I really enjoyed Far Cry and Far Cry 3. Far Cry 2 wasn't as good, but it was still a pretty decent game.

guyman1577d ago

Nah it's not an age thing specifically, but i do agree with you. Far cry 2, for me, was simply a terrible game, extremely bland and repetitive - even though it was hyped like crazy. It put me off from even touching far cry 3. As someone who lives in africa, I also think ubisofts (idea) depiction of an unnamed African country was offensive and sterotypical

cfc831577d ago

Alot of these devs take pride in mechanics and graphics, but they lack plot execution, and some dialougue is very lack lustre. Theyre not street wise enough. Some of the dialogue in battlefield 4 was a joke. These plots need for emotion and verbal ooomphhh.

jpepsi241576d ago

Offensive how
People say THe same thing about resident evil 5 it's based in Africa having a bunch of asians running around wouldn't make sense

16bitNutritionist1577d ago

Maybe you just don't know a good game when you see it.

domford19811577d ago

Not an age thing, 33 and FC3 was a fantastic game. Maybe not graphically so but a really great game

theshredded1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Elephants,one of the most graphically impressive games,one of the best villains in gaming,a first person open world survival game,map editor,injecting drugs that make u stronger,a plethora of varied wild life(FarCry 3 had a f***in Komodo Dragon!),breath taking environments,great customization,diving over 200m cliffs,etc...FarCry 3 was a beast of a game,if u hated all GTAs released last gen and liked San Andreas then FarCry 3 is a must

edqe1577d ago

I don't personally understand why FC3 is so much praised. Highly repetitive, silly story with irritating MTV reality-TV characters, blinking objects, awful console UI, etc.

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Studio-YaMi1577d ago

I'm subscribed to this dude on youtube,such a funny guy,lucky he got to play the game for 2 hours! :D

BattleTorn1577d ago

Wow where'd all these people who dislike Far Cry come from???

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