The Daily Five: Reasons to Buy Physical Games

"Yesterday, Travis detailed the reasons why it’s time to embrace a digital future for building our video game libraries. A fine argument to be sure, but not so fast, buddy boy — there’s plenty of life in physical games yet.

This here is the second part of our two-part look at the physical-versus-digital debate, and I’m going to run down why the old school method of having hard copies of the things you buy is still the best way to go." - Joe Garcia

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explicitbaron2589d ago

Great reasons, I love owning physical games. Having a collection of great games on a shelf is like having classic books on display.

Bhuahahaha2589d ago

yeah a gaming room without it(physical copy) looks really weird without it

explicitbaron2588d ago

I hope physical copies stay alive and thrive. The games by Thatgamecompany were going to be bundled on one disc but they never went through it. More digital games should be bundled and have special physical releases like all the Pixeljunk games

Majin-vegeta2589d ago

What??No fresh new smell after opening it up?

showtimefolks2589d ago

the day i can not buy my games from stores and have physical copies is the day i stop gaming. Been gaming for 25 years that way and i won't change.

Plus the publishers provide no incentive for us to buy digital. How about games on psn/xblive digitally $44.95 or $39.99

If i am paying the same price than i want it so i can sell it,give it to a friend etc,

level 3602589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Simply believe you don't "own" a game if you buy it digitally.

See more cons when you go digital.

Cloud?, could be there one time and gone the next.. just like real clouds.

jackanderson19852589d ago

point number 4 is mute now considering you've to install the games to the hard drives

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