Women Now 22% of Game Industry Workforce, Nearly Doubled Since 2009

Recent research suggests men still dominate the industry: 76% of respondents identified as male; 22% identified as female. The other 2% listed themselves as male-to-female transgender, male-to female transgender or “other.” Developers generally love working in games, however crunch time and long hours still exist.
Workers change jobs frequently, but most love their jobs and are in a career that is their passion - but crunch time and the desire to have more work/life balance still exists, according to a survey of more than 2,200 developers in the industry

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punkandlizard1581d ago

Good feature you're bringing to the gaming table.

mikeslemonade1581d ago

sigh.. society and its double standards. If your a woman your chances of getting hired by a gaming company is probably a lot higher.

spartanlemur1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

To be fair it probably helps the social life in studios, creating a better environment for all. No "the girl" situations and some female employees (the one's who don't care much for the attention) probably feel more comfortable.

Though I wish SJW's would stop complaining for a moment about raw figures and instead look at changes, because otherwise they only end up creating momentum which inevitably overshoots its original target of making things "fairer" ("faster, faster, equality, faster oops...overshot the target there...guess the shoe's on the other foot now...meh you deserve it as revenge!").

Every year we hear the same thing "sexism in X industry is a problem" which both assumes active discrimination is still a huge problem often with nothing more than anecdotal evidence for support and plays like a broken record. When a mechanic is fixing your car, you don't constantly yell at them that it needs fixing unless they stop working on it.

So I'd say this is good news for the working environment at games studios and also for the glimmer of hope that one day people will stop yapping on about social "justice" as they see evidence of it being worked toward.

I might add that a vast amount of Western Philosophy discusses what justice actually is and the circumstance of its implementation; the fact that so many take it as a given in modern society is mind-boggling (in some ways many people today have simply replaced Christianity with a new faith in "equality" for the sake of itself, and not only to the degree that it maximises utility).

Agent20091581d ago

I'm glad kitchens at my favourite developer's studios are filled with women, cause that's where they fit!

That's a horrible joke, but I thought someone will cheer up at this.


I am also still waiting for Agent...

neil3631581d ago

Very interesting article with some decent stats to look over. Nice one.

nevin11581d ago

I'm not clicking the link but does it mentions minorities?

Gh05t1581d ago

Not in these statistics that I saw.

spartanlemur1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

The problem with looking at minorities is that they often come from the same socioeconomic background, unlike women who are equally spread among rich and poor and in various regions of the country.

For example, if we assume that all game designers come from middle-income households, we would expect minorities to be under-represented naturally, given that they are often polarised at the poorer end of the spectrum (probably due in the USA to the institutionalised racism which prevented social mobility for all for much of the 20th century).

This under-representation will be fair for the time being, but in the future things will even out as socioeconomic osmosis takes place (where poor become richer and vice versa).
But my main point is that figures on women are more useful for zealots who want to create a culturally equal society and figures on minorities are useful for people who want to implement communism.

People who want a fair society would surely opt for statistics measuring hiring rates among applications with similar skill from people of varying gender or race to check whether genuine discrimination is taking place, and not just appearing to be due to misunderstanding of statistics on the part of the observer. My original point was just that SJW's seem to be focusing more on Cultural Marxism than Communism at the moment.

KonsoruMasuta1581d ago

Good, now they have people who actually have some knowledge on how breast move. Maybe we can finally get some realistic jiggle physics.

This is progress, ladies and gentlemen.

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