Why Nintendo won E3

The Gameondaily crew discusses why Nintendo beat the competition at this year's E3 conference.

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Benjaminkno1580d ago

Meh... They had the best e3 as a stand-alone software company, not for console content overall

vakarian751579d ago

Everyone showed only games except Sony who talked a lot about other boring stuff so I don't see how you can say that especially when all of the games they showed were exclusives.

randomass1711579d ago

I would argue it wasn't all boring. Sony did have a lot of games to show. It didn't get bad until after more than a few minutes of Powers went by.

Darkstares1579d ago

Nintendo had the better conference for many reasons. No awkward moments, no filler with non-gaming stuff but most of all they focused on what is only coming to Nintendo platforms. Isn't that what a company is supposed to represent, what is exclusive to their platforms? Most of what Sony and MS showed was coming from studios working on both systems and the only thing setting them apart was all this timed exclusive stuff.

Garethvk1580d ago

Only if all the other companies go out of business in the next month. Smash Bros was fun sure, but like most of their games fun but can get old fast. Nothing there was on par with what Sony or Microsoft offered.

Septic1580d ago

"Nothing there was on par with what Sony or Microsoft offered."

Not even Zelda?

Garethvk1580d ago

I would put The Order 1886, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, and others ahead of Zelda.

showtimefolks1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


while zelda is welcome news it was a bit disappointing that we didn't see a full blow game demo. Plus its still fall 2015.

Nintendo shows 12 games and everyone say they are the winners yet MS and sony show 40 plus games and are considered 2nd and 3rd.

IMO sony won hands down(yes those middle 20-30 minutes really dragged but rest of their conference had nothing but blockbuster games)

MS also were laser focused on games

Nintendo had a very good conference but not when the other 2 are showing 3 times as many games. Now i know each gamer has his/her own preference.

Dragon age
Sunset over drive
halo collection
the last of us
Drive club
no man's sky

these were the games that stole the conferences for both sony and ms


you have to understand this my friend, Nintendo always gets a free pass no matter what they do but people over expect from sony and ms. We all grew up playing Nintendo consoles but let's be honest they have been slow/lazy with wiiu games wise


I also thought their conference was more like UBI's(software) than sony and ms which felt bigger and better(to me atleast)

vakarian751579d ago

You shouldnt be putting a game that everyone has been saying sucks ahead of Zelda.
Don't say games can be played on last gen consoles stole the show and since when does Nintendo get a free pass everything they do people complain about. Sony gets the free pass they fart and everyone cheers. Sony is The Rock of the gaming industry you say anything and their the greatest thing ever.

Septic1580d ago

I disagree. Zelda has a pedigree that hardly anyone in this industry can match.

Ocarina of Time rightly at the top of Metacritic for a reason. Zelda is a killer app through and through.

But hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

randomass1711579d ago

Lately people keep saying Zelda isn't a system seller because it doesn't sell as high as Mario or Pokemon. I beg to differ since this latest Zelda, like others before it, has given its home console a lot of invigorated interest. I think some people are seriously underestimating this game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Sony and Microsoft showcased tons of games that can also be gotten on PC, and the majority of their games showed cut-scenes, not gameplay.

The "Gets old fast" criticism can just as easily be levied against any other game, too.

All in all, Nintendo's games are easily on-par in terms of entertainment value, if not more so.

Monster_tard51579d ago

"but like most of their games fun but can get old fast."

Yet the 3DS which has similar types of games, is still out selling the competition. If most people were growing old of these franchises, Nintendo would had already gone out of business.

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mikeslemonade1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I agree you have the right idea. The foundation of the WiiU is the weaker hardware so they cannot "win" E3. Sure they showed the most but at the end of the day the PS4 is the more attractive coming out of E3. You can win battles but you can't win the war.

I won't even say they have the best software. If you look at the Multiplatform standpoint the WiiU doesn't have all those current gen multiplats coming to there system. So PS4 wins because it's the best value for current gen gaming.

Now.. Do you want to play the several Nintendo exclusives or the long list of multiplats. Consumers have already voted with their dollars and say PS4.

weekev151579d ago

I want to play both, so once ps4s games actually start landing in 2015 ill get one as a companian console for my WiiU which will easily get played the most.

Digimortal1579d ago

Nintendo any day of the week over the Multiplats. Guaranteed let downs in the Multiplat department. I have yet to see anything that interests me to run out and buy a PS4 or Xbone. Until I see something worth playing on one of those consoles. Then I may consider buying and that's a huge if for me as a gamer. Last gen with the PS3 was a HUGE let down.

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

They did a lot that I didn't expect this year, and a few things I did, but they nailed it in every aspect.
Let's break down [just a few of] the points:

They made their showings almost entirely gameplay instead of cut-scenes.

Their digital event was just plain out more fun to watch; Reggie and Iwata fighting, Robot Chicken-style skits about things people bash Nintendo for, like Bowser's kidnapping tendencies coming back to bite him and there always being "another Mario game", and plenty of other things. None of the awkward stumbles of a normal press conference, either; straight to the point with grand-slam after grand-slam.

They held a tournament with a crowd that was louder and more exciting than the conferences of the competition due to including the public.

They held the Treehouse to allow us to see even MORE gameplay for the entirety of E3 instead of just one conference on one day.[in fact, it was almost like having a Press Conference for EVERY SINGLE DAY OF E3!]

They brought their premier fighting game, Smash Bros for Wii U, to Best Buy's across the country to appease and please fans and to make them feel included in E3's goings-on.

They announced a brand new IP that takes a totally different stance on third person shooters, Splatoon.

They finally announced that they're giving Zelda fans what we've been dreaming of; an immensely open-world next-gen Zelda game where you can walk to practically anywhere you can see, no boundaries.

They gave Bayonetta fans a treat by announcing that they're packaging the first game in with the second, both digitally and physically, and that the first game will not only have new costumes, but also some other as-of-yet-undisclosed surprises.[Also, SHE GETS A FREAKING MECH!]

They gave the people that have always wanted a legitimate level creator for Mario what they wished for with Mario Maker, and went a step further by announcing that unexpected and different art styles aside from just Mario might be usable, and that all the good stuff we saw in their showing was JUST EARLY BUILD stuff that would get better.

They dropped an unexpected bombshell by announcing that they've picked up Devil's Third, a truly mature-rated action/shooter game that isn't being dumbed down or censored, as a Wii U exclusive.

They showed off much more of Xenoblade Chronicles X and have proven that this game is going to be one of the most massive RPG's of 2015.

They've shown way more info on Smash Bros, and have announced both Palutena and Pac-Man as playable characters alongside Mii's.[which actually look kick-ass]

Miyamoto announced that he is responding to fan requests by finally, FINALLY, making a BRAND NEW STARFOX GAME FOR WII U!

We got the announcement that there might be TWO NEW METROID GAMES in the works as well, and that one of them IS LIKELY TO BE PRIME-STYLE.

Concluded in next post...

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I could go on, but this should be enough for my point; Nintendo bucked convention by not doing a conference.
They got so much hate for it after how it failed last year.
But this year?
They came out hard and fast, they didn't let up on momentum, they showed more gameplay than any of the competition did, they announced more [truly exclusive] games coming THIS YEAR than the others...and none of Nintendo's games are timed, or bound for PC.

Nintendo just KILLED IT.
They WON.

Sony and Microsoft also did fantastic, of course,[No Man's Sky and Scalebound look like two must-haves, and there's no way you could call this E3 a loss for them by any stretch of the imagination], but Nintendo went above and beyond while still doing things their way, and they succeeded to the point that only haters can actually deny the strength of their showing this year.

They've proven that they're taking advertisement more seriously and that they're listening to their fans.
Heck, Miyamoto recently had an interview with Kotaku, and he asked them to put an official poll out for him, asking their readers WHAT GAME THEY WANT NINTENDO TO MAKE NEXT, AND TO GET BACK TO HIM WITH THE RESULTS.

Who even DOES that sort of thing very often these days, amongst the big 3?!

Nintendo's got direction now, and it's pointed square at long-term success, if nothing else.

They won E3. There's no two ways about it.

randomass1711579d ago

wonderfulmonkeyman, your posts are (dare I say it) wonderful, but please stop with the caps lock. XD

Studio-YaMi1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

So Septic is announcing Nintendo of E3 2014 as the winner while he takes cheap trolling jabs at Sony,in an earlier video he trashes Sony for not having exclusives in 2014 and brings up the master chief collection(a remake) and praise it like it's a gift from god himself while trash talking The Last of Us(PS4) remake,not to mention calling his friend a Sony Fanboy in the earlier video.

In this video he's praising MS(again) while neglecting Sony and at the end throws in(yea all three had a solid show) so now Sony had a good E3? make up your mind Septic.

Oh well,it's your opinion anyways,just maybe ease up on your(sony fanboy) friend & the whole cheap shots/trolling,it's in bad taste.

Btw,I'm not announcing anyone as the winner of E3 since all three of them had lots to show,it's difficult to side with one over the other but Nintendo DID impress more of all the three.

Septic1579d ago

You're being quite selective in what I did there. You didn't mention the fact that I said Sony beat Microsoft in their conference or where I critiqued Microsoft's show for being too hwavily reliant on CGi etc.

I only really critiqued the format of Sonys show slightly and thats it.

I said it quite clearly in the video. Sony beat Microsoft.

Studio-YaMi1579d ago

So Sony beats MS(in your opinion) but you spend the entirety of the video talking about MS & Nintendo,what about the earlier video? what about the whole "let's troll Sony fans" in this video to piss off your Sony(fanboy) friend?

I don't get it really,maybe I am selective. :)

vakarian751579d ago

"he trashes Sony for not having exclusives in 2014 and brings up the master chief collection(a remake) and praise it like it's a gift from god himself while trash talking The Last of Us(PS4) remake"
Compared to the Last of Us Remastered it is a gift from god. It is $60 and comes with Halo 1-4 built from the ground up all with there original multiplayer with a Halo 5 multiplayer beta and a digital series. 4 games a beta and a digital series for the price of one game compared to $50 for 1 game and its Dlc.

Studio-YaMi1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I do agree that The halo chief collection IS a better value than TLOU but that still doesn't justify his constant trolling & the downplaying of the remastered TLOU.

I'm NOT disagreeing with the fact that MS has more exclusives this fall or the fact that the Master Chief Collection has much more value,what I disagree with however is Septic attitude towards the whole thing.

Not hating on Microsoft nor Sony here.

I agree with you but that's not why I confronted Septic,thanks though.

randomass1711579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I LOVE The Last of Us, but the Halo Master Chief Collection is a much better value, hands down. That's four games, two of which are remakes and the other two have updated framerates and resolutions, all of which are supposed to run at 1080p 60fps. Though a recent post said Halo 2's campaign may not run at 1080p, but I digress. It's still four remastered games on one disc.

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