Video Game Franchises and a Star Wars Legacy

"We have many popular game franchises that started off as movies, comics or books. And there are some that were later turned into movies and books and even TV shows. When a title takes off like this, we are looking at much more than just a series of games. What we’re really looking at is a brand. And the developers who create these games want to keep the fans interested in their brand. They want to take those loyal gamers and turn them into lifelong fans. However, this tactic is not as easy as it might seem."

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Agent20091579d ago

"How do you feel about how it relates to the Star Wars legacy and games we might continue to see in the future?"

It won't change a goddamn thing about the games, though they might start new legacies of additional stories in form of books and comics, that'll pertain to those games. It was always like that anyway (KotOR series born a bunch of literature and graphic novels).

"What might this mean for the future of Star Wars games?"


Scumdog1579d ago

People who control alot of these wonderful IP's like Star Wars, can collectively lick my B-hole, they already have life long fans, it is unfortunate the original trilogy ( without "horrible George" Lucas' added content of course ) is the only cinematic experience that gives this great IP any respect, & there have been some fun games here & there using the IP, but for most of the stuff created from it like games, the newer movies and the upcoming ones wich i have very little hope for, cartoons ect. it's been mostly trash. Never read the comics or novels hopefully those who did had someone with more care for the material in mind when they wrote them.

SilentNegotiator1579d ago

I read a novel or two from the Star Wars expanded universe and they were pretty good; those authors seemed to care more about what made Star Wars great than Lucas. But now Disney is keeping a tighter leash on those things and only allowing cannon work.

NukaCola1579d ago

I'd like to see the Deathstar in KH3.

memots1579d ago

4 comments top of the page. Ok