Large-Scale Warfare Comes To PS4 Via Planetside 2 | Hardcore Gamer

Sony Online Entertainment announced last year that Planetside 2 would be migrating from PC to the PS4. The massive FPS has long been in development, and SOE finally gave the world its first look at the game running on a PS4 at E3 2014.

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user74029311674d ago

this is my favorite fps alongside battlefield bad com 2 and turok n64.

ValKilmer1674d ago

I hope it can handle thousands of players using PS4 infrastructure.

oODEADPOOLOo1674d ago

I see no reason why it wouldn't mainly because they know exactly what specs are and have are pretty much a 1st party dev.

ATi_Elite1674d ago

I played PS2 on the PC for a good while (Long live N.C.) and it was a very fun game to jump in, team up with a clan on teamspeak, mumble whatever and get some kills.

Good support and content!

But the NEVER ending war thing started to get old.

take land then lose land take land then lose land rinse repeat with NO WINNER or LOSER!

Some kind of END Game needs to be added or add a mode with an end game to it and then MAYBE I might jump back into it..

Overall PS2 is NOW optimized for Consolers and Consolers should enjoy this a LOT.

KwietStorm1674d ago

Didn't they add server battles for supremacy?

MysticStrummer1674d ago

You may be interested in this…

Some of it apparently went live with today's update, and there's supposed to be more added later this week from what I've read.

sinjonezp1674d ago

Ps2 is a very fun experience. Just sitting on a hill at night watching gun fights is amazing. 50 players jumping on one battle cruiser to be dropped off into a battle is crazy. I recommend this game completely and can't wait to see it on ps4. Another plus is not even needing ps+ to join in. Good move on this one by Sony.


PSN has been better than Xbox live I can tell you that from personal experience. You seem to still believe PSN is behind xbox live and it's not only caught up but surpassed it in my opinion. PSN isn't perfect but I've not had to spend anytime on the phone to customer support while XBL has given me plenty of issues and I don't cheap out on my Internet it's the service not my connection and services are up and down across XBL quite often. So PSN will handle PS2 just fine on their network.

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Father__Merrin1674d ago

when is the gazillion dollar question, when does it release

Majin-vegeta1674d ago

Within the next 6 months.Do I win the gazillion dollars C:??

TheFutureIsBlue1674d ago

I'm hoping it will come out before the end of July. I will be off for 2 weeks and would love to play the crap out of this game. I highly doubt it, though. Was expecting to hear something on the release date at E3.

BlingBlaine1674d ago

MAGGOTS standing by......

MysticStrummer1674d ago

Yessir! Funny how I would never even consider CoD's prestige mode, but I had no problem getting to max level in one MAG faction, moving to the next and starting over, maxing it out, then moving to the third and starting over, and maxing it out.

Can't wait to play this game!

I want beta news!!!

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