Ubisoft and Microsoft: Two Companies, Two Strategies

Mike G from Twinfinite writes:

Why is it that game companies do the things they do? What possesses them to make certain decisions concerning the games we love to play? The obvious and trite answer is money, and ultimately it’s the crux of the matter.

But surely some decisions, while supposedly made with the best of intentions, don’t take the path to the biggest pile of cash. And maybe some decisions are made knowing that.

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MonstaTruk1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

MONEY. Behind every screwball regulation, behind every questionable sex video of a celebrity being released, and behind every anti-consumer/anti-gamer policy a publisher enables: MONEY is the reason. And the more that you give them that "enables" a certain questionable practice, the harder they'll come with it the next time. There's only one way to smack their hand when they get too greedy in the cookie jar: open your MOUTHS to them, and close your WALLETS to them. With that being said:

Who's buying (new) Far Cry 4? Not THIS guy...

lelo1674d ago

You need to calm down...

OpieWinston1674d ago

You don't want to buy Farcry 4? Your call.

I am, and am looking forward to it.

If you don't like the game or the company. That's fine, don't try to force your beliefs onto others.

Some of us just like to play games, it's our money.

StealthPandemic1674d ago

You do every company is in for the money. How hard is it to understand this?