I’m Tired of Being Cynical

Well, maybe I (Andrew Otton) should say too cynical. With E3 and all its racket behind us, I came to the realization that gaming cynicism is rampant and tends to be my go-to reaction whenever I see anything even remotely exciting to do with video games. Granted, this year’s E3 was not all that exciting to begin with – not too much in the way of surprises, really. Nonetheless, I still can’t help but feel disappointed in myself for how I reacted. However, the more I thought about it, the more I came to the understanding that the fault for my cynicism does not lie with me, but in how the gaming industry has decided to conduct itself. This is not all just a symptom of E3, but an ongoing problem. E3 is just the example at hand.

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dennett3162592d ago

It's hard NOT to be cynical when games companies keep on giving people great reasons to BE cynical. Shoddy DRM that stops legit customers from playing their purchased games, on-disc DLC which represents the worst of the industry in trying to fleece people into paying for content that's already on the disc, the blatant misrepresentation of games via "vertical slices of gameplay" and bullshot screenshots used to promote the game being taken from super-sampled PC versions to make them look more impressive, the baffling insistence on not trying to attract a wider audience by including as many different playable avatars of different sexes and genders in appropriate games...despite constantly whining about how high budgets are and how nearly 7 million sales weren't enough.
I'm glad that gamers are becoming more cynical, it's about time that some gamers got their heads out the clouds and realised you don't need to bow at the feet of multi-million (billion?) dollar companies for every little scrap they throw to us. We're their customers, they're supposed to work to gain our loyalty, or love, our money. Stop listening to people online who tell you to keep quiet about issues you have with your favourite games or companies...those people are emotionally stunted fools who see criticism, legitimate or not, as a personal attack on them rather than seeing it for what it is - an important mechanism for us to tell the higher ups in the industry that we see through their PR nonsense and are not going to stand for seeing the hobby that we love be dragged through the mud by their greed.

Thehyph2592d ago

I can agree with you on most of your points. Most importantly, the part about gamers being customers. If every gamer out there were an educated customer, then most issues with game publishers would be solved.

However, cynicism should not replace criticism. Critical comments can lead to critical thinking. Cynical comments may lead to critical thinking, but they will probably fall short into apathy instead.

rambi802592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I've stopped listening to a number of podcasts because of the cynicism that most people now have in gaming. A lot of people come to those shows to complain about their job.

As a consumer, i dont care about your problems. I dont want to hear about your job stresses and frustrations. i want to be entertained.

A lot of people think that their cynicism is entertaining, but it takes a really talented person to pull that off on a consistent basis. They just end up depressing or irritating me.