Xbox’s Phil Spencer Praises Sony and Nintendo’s E3 Conferences: Competition “Keeps Raising the Bar”

Xbox One Head Honcho Phil Spencer praised Microsoft's competitors Sony and Nintendo for tehir E3 outings, expressing the concept that competition is also good for Microsoft.

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Aceman182593d ago

in this day and age steady competition drives this industry so i'm all for it.

Aussiebeachbabe2593d ago

Aceman well said. I love both consoles and think they are here for the long run. Both systems are going to have excellent releases in the coming years which shall increase sales by alot. People that think alot of sales for a console come in the 1st year, think again. Most of the sales normally come midway through said consoles life when consoles are cheaper and the consumer has access to more and cheaper games. Hooray for competition!!!

fonger082593d ago

I'm sure Phil has a Wii U and PS4 sitting alongside his Xbox 1 and genuinely wants to play every great game, like a real gamer.

Eonjay2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

I'm sure he can afford to. Unlike most gamers. You don't need all three systems and a high end PC to be a "real gamer"

KonsoruMasuta2593d ago

That's not the point.

Not being able to afford all consoles does not give you the right to bash the ones you can't afford, as people do here.

Point: Brand loyalty is stupid and you don't have to blindly follow one company.

randomass1712593d ago

Correct, nor does anyone need to be criticized for having a preference. Not saying you are, but people attack each other too often over silly stuff like that.

fonger082593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

High end pcs? Well now you're talking crazy!
All kidding aside majority of gamers do own multiple consoles, in early 2012 it was around 56% own multiple consoles and i'm that only has increased as consoles got cheaper. Obviously not everyone's earning potential is the same, but I for one will find anyway possible to own any system that has great games.

@Eonjay no worries, I think my point may have been misleading, a system or systems does not make a person a real gamer, my point was that real gamers want to play all great games no matter the system.

Eonjay2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )


I'm not bashing anyone.
I simply hate it when people try to define real gamers. That is my trigger and it always has been. If I am still gaming on a XBox 360, does that mean I'm not a real gamer because I don't have all the newest systems? No.

If we could all respect each other as gamers, than what we played on wouldn't matter.

Please tell me that I am making sense. Even if Phil Spencer only played on the Xbox One, he would still be a real gamer. Stop trying to qualify gamers.


"but I for one will find anyway possible to own any system that has great games"

Thats, my point. It doesn't matter what you own. I have 5, yes 5 systems that I regularly use, but that doesn't make anyone with 1 system any less of a gamer. Perhaps I just misunderstood what you where trying to say.

JBSleek2593d ago

I'm sure most gamers can afford all of them. I can you don't have to be rich. People buy new phones every two years.

I think you have to own each console in order to talk about all of them. Nothing worse then people who don't talk from experience.

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choujij2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Right, just like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have iPads and iPhones in their houses...

fonger082593d ago

Why wouldn't they? You honestly think they're brand loyatly goes beyond getting something that acutally works?

Immorals2593d ago

Fairly sure bill Gates uses a mac, as Steve jobs used a pc. Despite them being rivals, the respect was still there

choujij2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

@ nifonge & Immorals

Edit: Maybe Spencer is different? I don't know. But I would love it if someone asked him that in an interview. And unless he comes out and admits to owning a Wii-U like Shuhei or a PS4, I'm more inclined to be believe he follows the MS pattern.

Immorals2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

That's pretty messed up, specially seeing as there is plenty of products better than iPods /phones.

Also, "Phil Spencer says he has a PS4 and a Wii-U and enjoys playing games on both."


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PixelKnot2593d ago

That reminds me of Yoshida owning a Wii U.
His favorite game on the system is still Super Mario 3D World, I believe.

randomass1712593d ago

That's right! He bought one for himself and another for his children. These men are amazing and should be seen as an example for the fans that these consoles can coexist just fine.

AngelicIceDiamond2593d ago

Phil acts like a gamer first and suit second. With that attitude maybe he could die down this fanboy agenda that goes around the gaming outlets.

Instead of fueling it.

OldDude2593d ago

I can promise you Phil, and everyone else at MS, Sony and Nintendo are businesspeople first. I ought to know, my wife works at Nintendo (Redmond campus in a management position) and the company I own does a lot of business with MS. They aren't gamers first, I can promise you that. Don't confuse understanding the market (or not, in some cases) with being a gamer first.

Salooh2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Agree , if Phil or Jack played games it will be counted as a work unless it's with family. Understanding gamers is better then nothing though. It raises their sales and make us satisfied.

welly3002593d ago

Hes trying to turn us into hippies and love each other I want bitter rivalry. He should have said sony was naf at e3 and x1 is comin back to wipe out ps4 lead within 6 months :)

jcnba282593d ago

I like Phil Spencer, sue me.

randomass1712593d ago

Not even planning to get an Xbox One anytime soon and I like the guy! Power to us both. :P

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