Poor Messaging Continues to Haunt Microsoft

GeekParty writes: "I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between two customers. It didn’t appear as if they knew one another, and one guy was in the middle of dropping some mad knowledge.

The conversation basically boiled down to how, if you were looking to move into the next generation of home consoles, you should stay away from the Xbox One."

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Sitdown1580d ago

The irony of this article, is that the writer is just wrong as the person he described.... And it's not due to poor messaging, just lack of comprehension. Sadly, no matter how clear a message is, some people will still get out wrong....just look at n4g and how wrong people are a lot of the time.

Magicite1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Im from Latvia and xbox image is totally screwed here. I cant believe how many people still X1 has DRM about used games.
My friend who resells consoles, sold 5 PS4s in no time and got more orders, meanwhile 2 X1 bundles are staying on shelf since March.
Maybe its true that Europe is Playstation land, but then again here in Latvia X360:PS3 were about 50:50, now X1:PS4 is like 10:90.

Lets be honest - Mattrick & Co totally screwed things up and now Spencer must clean this dirty mess, and this might take years, maybe whole generation.

uth111579d ago

lack of comprehension still shows you have a messaging problem. Ideally your message should be clear enough for even the densest people to understand.

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urwifeminder1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Thanks for the laughs guys tears of admiration , no hang on I am butt hurt. Average consumers will get what they want regardless of power or rez it will be gamer taste.

Rob Hornecker1580d ago

As a open minded gamer I can see where these so called video game experts get there info all wrong. Its a shame that the fan boy mentality of some of these people is still around! To me this will be the true killer of video gaming and it has nothing to do with politics,gpu speed,or if it can run 1080p.

It all boils down to personal choice. Both the PS4 and XBOX uno are great consoles and as were the ps3 and xb 360 at some point I will own both of them.

To any one whos interested in the next gen consoles,do your research yourself and make up your own mind as to which console will fill your needs.

To my fellow xbox uno owners WE are the back bone of this console. As such we have the power of getting the correct info out there when asked. I hope that ps4 owners will do the same in kind.

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