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"Entwined made a dazzling entrance at Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, but if you saw that, you don’t really need to play it. The main wow factor of this game is the concept of two souls who are apart but are always fighting to be together, translated to you via bright, flashy tunnel-runner style gameplay. The story trailer was very impressive and emotional, and I felt for those two souls. Fish and bird could love one another, couldn’t they? It turns out they can, but they also turn into a dragon, and their journey isn’t quite as heart-squeezing as I had hoped." - PSLS

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crunchychocobo1630d ago

Wow, really? That's super disappointing. I was hoping for another Journey/Flower experience.

Wedge191630d ago

It seems like there is a matter of balancing gameplay with zen. Sadly it looks like gameplay is too frustrating to maintain the zen and emotion that the game is trying to get across. It's like trying to make Dyad have an emotional story behind it.

JackOfAllBlades1630d ago

It's like trying to make battle toads a zen experience

ITPython1630d ago

Wow, this reviewer took the "struggle for a fish and a bird to love eachother" WAY too seriously. If you read the review, it sounds like he was hoping for some kind of emotional "digital trip", rather than a game to be played and beaten.

This review borderlines as a joke TBH.

knifefight1630d ago

"If you read the review, it sounds like he..."


Sounds like someone needs a little more practice with that reading thing ;)


Anyway, this is on Vita, too? I'd only heard of it for PS3. Will check it out.

ITPython1630d ago

It was a generalized meaning, guess I could have used "it" instead, but that wouldn't have read right. I really hadn't put much thought into the gender of the reviewer, and since most gamers are male I just assumed.

Sure it does sound like it has a female touch due to the person hoping for some kind of emotionally dramatic cry-themselves-to-sleep experience instead of a game, but the way our society feminizes men nowadays, it could go either way. Plus the whole concept of "a fish and a bird who love eachother even though they are not supposed to" has a strong homosexual theme to it.

Even going back and checking out the reviewers name doesn't positively identify their gender. So unless I missed something in the review where the person says they are a she, then I'm not sure what you are getting at.

Eonjay1630d ago

"Tunnel of Frustrating Love"

Sounds Kinky. Might I suggest a lubricant?

JonnyBigBoss1630d ago

Bummer. It looked very fun.