Sources: Crytek Not Paying Staff On Time, Ryse Sequel Dropped

Kokatu :

"Crytek, the developer behind Crysis and Xbox One launch game Ryse, is having trouble paying employees, and the company has been bleeding staff since March, according to people who work there.

In addition, from what I hear, the multi-national studio has had to cancel work on multiple games over the past few months, including some original prototypes and a sequel to last fall's Xbox One exclusive, Ryse.

Current and former Crytek employees describe a tense, unstable environment, plagued by poor communication and a number of high-level staff departures at the company's biggest studios in Germany and Britain. In extensive conversations over the past few weeks, developers have described a company in turmoil, where staff openly talk about leaving or looking for new jobs. One employee estimates that some 100 people have left over the past three months."

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ArchangelMike2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

It's not sounding good at all for Crytek. What went wrong though? I don't understand how the company all of a sudden is struggling? Mismanagement, poor financial planning, unable to pay employees, falling out with Microsoft over Ryse sequel??? It's not sounding good at all. Man I don't know what to say?

Edit: I remember Free Radical, they were bought by Crytek if I remember correctly. Aww man I hope we can still get a Timesplitters game, but I'm not holding out much hope anymore :(

Ogygian2593d ago

It seems that the primary problems have been the dismal performance of Ryse: Son of Rome (less than a million sales worldwide; compare this to ten million for AC: Black Flag) alongside underperformance of the Cryengine 4.

I'm quite shocked they were even making a Ryse sequel. I wouldn't expect Microsoft to save Crytek, as they seem to have been the reason for their decline in the first place.

Testfire2593d ago

I don't think 1 game would make or break a studio, especially one as prominent as Crytek. Their problem started with Crysis 2, an expensive engine that didn't catch on, Ryse and probably mismanagement of money and resources.

gamer11382593d ago

You can't blame Ryse for everything. This has been a gradual decline. Crysis 3 hardly set the charts on fire and EA would have had their pound of flesh before Crytek saw any return. They're into F2P but by all accounts that is struggling. Developing a graphics engine is not cheap either.

Also, comparing a next gen platform exclusive against a cross gen game thats the 6th in it's series and Ubisoft's biggest franchise is just dumb.

HacSawJimThugin2593d ago

No where in that article was Ryse listed as the primary financial problem.They did mention that Warface and jumping into Free to play was. Troll somewhere else. Even Phil stated in a interview a few weeks ago Ryse sold well, well enough for him to state it publicly.

I really hope MSFT can work with another dev and get Ryse fans a proper sequel. I really enjoyed correction still enjoy this game.

Ogygian2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Ok fair enough, Crysis 3 was also partially responsible after racking up appallling sales, and Crysis 2, while not a failure (over 3 million copies sold) was not exactly an outstanding success.

Mediocrity followed by Ryse and Crysis 3, both flops, seem to have killed the studio.


Crytek also stated that they're not currently in financial difficulties. Studios will say anything to keep funding coming in from banks and investors.

And indeed Warface also seems to have been problematic.

tdogg2593d ago

did you even read the artical? It says crytek and microsoft had problems over the ownership of ryse. also phil said ryse sold well for them and here you are comparing ryse to assassins creed smh. they say so many employees left because of not being paid meaning there short of staff had result in cancled ryse 2

ThunderSpark2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

I think this serves as a good reason why the better system to back this generation so far is the PS4. With almost double the fanbase of the Xbox One, you would be near crazy or mad to release exclusively on the Xbox One. Why limit your options when you know you can't afford to in the first place. It bewilders me.

imt5582593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )


If Phil Spencer said that Ryse sold well, WHY IS RYSE 2 CANCELED? Why Microsoft don't fund Ryse 2 development if Crytek has problems? Of course Phil will say something positive.

Ryse development was problematic. Read summary here ( they talked first about Crytek's problems )

monkeybizz2593d ago

MS killed Crytek ? Discuss

christocolus2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )


Yes blame it all on MS. Lol. Did you even read the article?They usually depend on big projects from bigtime publishers. So is it MS fault that they had no other projects in the works?projects always get put on hold or held back for some reasons or the other and that is why there should always be a plan b. Was crytek banking on Ryse2 alone to sustain a company of over 800 people?or will you blame MS for that too? Also will you blame Ms for the other projects that were scrapped? Or the many years of mis-management of funds and poor adoption of the cryengine? Are those all caused by MS too? Learn to read before commenting. And so you know Ryse has sold over a million copies to date. Stop spreading crap.


Yes, so in your opinion the xbox doesn't deserve any exclusives because it hasn't reached ps4 numbers. Remember haze and lair on ps3? Those were exclusives which were released very early during the life of the ps3 and guess what? they bombed really hard and affected the devs too but did that stop other devs from making exclusive games for the console? No. Dude its a business with risks. And as long as there is competition in the industry MS and developers will keep taking those risks and that's why I am able to look forward to ips like SO, quantum break,scalebound and D4.

Ontopic: its really sad to see this happen. I really hope they bounce back but im very glad to see MS is considering a sequel to Ryse. Hopefully they resolve their issues or assemble a new team to work on the game. Phil recently stated on twitter that the sales were good so I'm expecting work on a sequel will continue in some form or the other.knowing phil spencer I'm sure they have already sorted this out. I Wish all parties the best of luck.

UltraNova2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

If this article is to be believed then who ever wanted to buy them out would definitely have to do major restructuring, as much as 30% of the staff could be terminated and some overseas studios could be shut down, would have to minimize the middle management to a bare minimum (the worst part of any company), reduce salaries (yes I know), bring F2P en-devours to a minimum (ASAP) and focus 100% on your established franchises and engine, making sure you cross the word exclusive off the list for good and release your games on all systems available (including Ryse 2 -if they own the IP that is)and if it.

Last but not least make sure you repair relations with the remaining staff first by giving them a stable environment and a listening ear when they have something to say and a solid promise of better things to come (mainly giving them their old salaries back with a bonus when the company gets in the green again).

If Activision, MS or EA buys them you can forget Crytek all together.

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GryestOfBluSkies2593d ago

if i were to just purely speculate, i'd guess that sales of their games arent so great. theres only so much you can expect from visually great looking games that play mediocre. personally i thought Crysis 1 and 2 were pretty good, but not unforgettable experiences. Ryse certainly sold less by being exclusive (same can be said for any exclusive)

imt5582593d ago

Quote from article :

One employee estimates that some 100 people have left over the past three months.

Really sad! :(

MysticStrummer2593d ago

Synk has been cancelled???

: /

KwietStorm_BLM2593d ago

Not paying staff on time? This is more serious than I thought. And now all the bragging and chest thumping they were doing last year makes it that much worse.

Joe9132593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Exactly I like their games and all but have people forgot how much crap they were talking last year around the time next gen was being talked about. Glad to see people are finding other jobs before the ship sink though.

ZeekQuattro2593d ago

Meanwhile Crytek released a comment saying the are not in danger of bankruptcy. Could of fooled me what with the late pay, shrinking workforce and cancelled games. I say games because I doubt Ryse 2 or what ever they were going to call it is the only casualty. Every day seems to bring more dire news.

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