Why you should stop whining about the price of The Last of Us: Remastered

For $50, you get one of the most important games in the last decade and all of the biggest downloadable content for it too. Is it worth it?

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Rimgal2595d ago

What you are asking is impossible to achieve. This community has become a bunch of drama queens that just want to bitch and complaint about every little thing. And like I said yesterday some of them would even complain if this game was free.

And some of them love to hyperbolize everything.

"Microsoft is offering an Xbox One without the Kinect, KINECT WAS A FAILURE XBOX IS DEAD."
"That one game runs at 1020p instead of 1080p, CONSOLES ARE DEAD"
"Sony doesn't deliver 15 AAA exclusive games for the PS4 on his first year of release, IT'S JUST AN INDIE CONSOLE"


SpinalRemains1382595d ago

Nothing else to say other than......uh......yeah.

SuperBlunt2595d ago

Internet gamers, worse than feminists

infinitewords2595d ago

You really are grumpy, huh? But, seriously aren't you doing the same thing by complaining about people complaining? You look as bad as they do, just ignore them and don't let them get under your skin.

Rimgal2595d ago

It's a little hard to ignore when most of the articles most commented on, and the youtube videos most viewed are the one with drama in it. And then gamers ask themselves why no one take us seriously.

Joe9132595d ago

It would be a lot easier to ignore if they did not allow so many opinion pieces on this site of ppl just complaining over nothing. I used to like opinion pieces because it was like what you would like to see in x game or x predictions now it just cry cry cry every article is someone crying lol wish they would do away with opinion pieces if it is not real game news then it should not be on this site.

Audiggity2595d ago


The whining has reached a hilarious tipping point. Nearly every single story is met with extreme negativity and a console-war agenda.

To dismiss your comment by saying "you doing the same thing by complaining about people complaining" is silly. No, people's constant whimpering and entitlement is extremely annoying.

If Grumpy's comment can calm some of these people down, to the point of understanding why competition/innovation is a good thing, perhaps we can move the industry along a little faster by supporting the things that make sense and help games to evolve.

Mr-Dude2595d ago

The biggest whiners off all, are the "Journalists" and "bloggers" who cry like little girls about everything. Making 53 articles about ONE tweet and still crying after...

The silly *uhm* media, makes it way more worse nowadays. And btw, nowadays these socalled journalists are nothing more than fanboys indenial about something

EverydayGuy2595d ago

Always finding myself writing a comment in response to other comments, only to find myself deleting it, because it was not worth it.

What's up with this generation of gamers who can't enjoy games. Gone the days where we can talk passionately about games, and all we seem to care about is the various numbers the game can achieve. Technology is exciting and all, but it is time for all sides to start talking about games, and let technology take a backseat.

Kivespussi2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I do this too.
"Oh, a stupid comment"
"I'm just going to reply to him and just point out what an ass he is"
*After writing a short comment*
"Uh... Nah, I'll just go back to main page and see if there's anything actually interesting... Some comments just need to be left alone"

mamotte2595d ago

Your avatar and name are a fabolous irony to the good words you speak, sir.

Rimgal2595d ago

I really have to change my name and avatar lol. Everyone keeps mention it.

wsoutlaw872595d ago

They should have just called it The last of us GOTY edition because people are fine with that for some reason and not fine with the devs taking time to make the game better and put it on a new system with different architecture.

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nitrogav2595d ago

Any confirmed final price for the UK yet ?

ar000432595d ago

Pretty sure I saw it for 39.99 last week at amazon.

SuperBlunt2595d ago

40 usd? Or european currency?

Eonjay2595d ago

I didn't really hear anyone complaining... but these random sites...

adawson2595d ago

All I'm saying is, I should be able to upgrade to the PS4 version for cheaper than $50 if I already have the game. I would settle for $20 since it comes with all DLC. For those who don't still have it or have never played it, $50 is fair.

SuperBlunt2595d ago

Should have traded your copy in like i did mine. Im frigging itching to play this again

Genuine-User2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Why would they offer you an upgrade option?
You bought the game on PS3 and that is what you're entitled to. If you want the PS4 version, sell of your old copy and get the remastered version.

Farmassy2595d ago

I think you have got it right. It is a little ridiculous to re-release a game that came out a year ago and sell it at the current price. People will pay it because it is a good game and there are not a lot of other options to play at the moment

Don't understand all the hype for a remastered game that just came out. I think it would be worth it to upgrade for 20 dollars though

Joe9132595d ago

I sold my PS3 copy for $30 so I am buying mine for $20 I suggest you do the same. I think it is fair enough price they may do a upgrade thing when it come out may have to just give it some time but it is a good price worth every penny.

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1nsomniac2595d ago

Although I agree that the game & the amount of content you get is awesome. I think the main reason people are complaining is that from what we've seen so far there doesn't seem to really be all that much in the upgrade department.

Eonjay2595d ago

I would like to see a comparison show what kind of impact the 60FPS has on this game; compared directly to the original running at 30FPS.

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