Crytek UK exodus sparks concern over Homefront: The Revolution

There are fresh concerns over the fate of upcoming shooter Homefront: The Revolution amid the ongoing problems at Crytek.

Over 30 staff have left Nottingham-based studio Crytek UK since development on Homefront began in 2011, according to a list of names provided to Eurogamer overnight.

We won't publish the names, but the list includes staff who held key positions in art, design and programming.

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ThichQuangDuck2591d ago

Timesplitters would have been a more interesting project,but I wish Crytek and employees the best

Ogygian2591d ago

Well if they do collapse, we can only hope that a silver lining might be the purchase of the Timesplitters IP by a studio which is actually going to do something with it.

ThichQuangDuck2591d ago

Timesplitters announcement at E3 with split-screen,map creator, etc would have been huge. I guess we can only hope. Until then will just wait for the hd re release being made by fans

fr0sty2591d ago

It's like this IP is cursed... whoever owns it goes out of business.

2591d ago
qzp2591d ago

They have studios in
South Korea
United Kingdom

Don't spread yourself to thin

OC_MurphysLaw2591d ago

30 people over 3 years is alarming on one hand but not as massive as I feared on the other hand.

OC_MurphysLaw2591d ago seeing its over 100 people in 3 months. Either way I guess the reality is...when there is that much is just beyond the door.

crazychris41242591d ago

They really need to hit big with Homefront. Its looks pretty good but Fall 2015 is a long way off. If this is true hopefully they can hold it together until they ship the game n fix post launch issues.

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