How to Fix the Festering Cesspool that is the ‘Battlefield’ Series

Marc Colhoun of StrengthGamer writes, "Battlefield 4 has the new ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ DLC releasing in July. This will be the penultimate DLC available for Battlefield 4 with Battlefield: Hardline releasing shortly behind it.

I really don’t understand why this is acceptable at all in the industry at this point.

'Hey guys, we know that we sold a broken game, then went about patching it months after the release. Here, buy some DLC from us to make yourselves feel better about it.'"

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AvidGamerrrr2588d ago

Great article, couldn't agree more. Really tired of paying $60 for more BF3 (yes, 3) DLC. BF4 is a mess of a game.

Rob Hornecker2588d ago

DITTO! I still can't belive that the CEO is still in denial for releasing such a P.O.S buggy mess that is BF4. Xbox 360 owners still can't play dawn breaker with out it locking up after many so called "patches" over 7 months! Oh and lets talk about the squad beta,its been a beta for over 3 MONTHS now. and YES it works! Now lets get it out so we can really use it!

OH and one more thing,how about more servers for the buying players to purchase. If you didn't get one the 1st couple of days of when they were launched,you were screwed!