The current situation at Crytek UK is impacting Homefront : Revolution and it's release

In the last few weeks, many reports have revealed that Crytek UK is not doing so well in terms of financial stability as well in terms of management, this is indeed impacting the developer's team moral and it's possibility of releasing the game.

Alongside this information feedback websites revealed that salaries are being paid late and the managing directors don't know what they're doing.

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Eonjay1577d ago

Yikes. Lets hope the situation improves and we will have to wait and see if the alleged cash injection makes a difference.

MrGunny941577d ago

Indeed, let's hope they make it out. THey have to adjust the subscription service of the Cry Engine to compete with Unreal.

Also putting out a Timesplintters will help them...

FriedGoat1577d ago

They should have been working on time splitters from the start. I mean who cares about home front?

Rip free radical

FriedGoat1577d ago

They should have been working on time splitters from the start. I mean who cares about home front?

Meltic1577d ago

Fingers crossed. Good luck for them

Magnagamer2221577d ago

I would be a great loss to the gaming industry if Crytek UK goes under. Hopefully Homefront: Revolution comes out and does well.

famoussasjohn1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I hope so too. I've been interested in Homefront 2 since it was first being talked about. I enjoyed the first one a lot.

gamerfan09091577d ago

Crytek already squashed this bullcrap rumor. Stop milking it.

Eonjay1577d ago

Really. Can you provide a source please so we know to mark future stories as Fake.

gamerfan09091577d ago

It was posted on here a couple of days ago. Just type in Crytek in the search bar on here and you'll see them denying it.

morganfell1577d ago

What do you think the head office is going to do? Admit it? The buzz coing out of E3 was very bad.

Pandamobile1577d ago

Just because Crytek denies it doesn't mean that it's not happening.

gamerfan09091577d ago

So that means I should ignore the company with their financial evidence and just believe a baseless rumor, then right? So I shouldn't believe Sony when they say the TLG is in development and i should side with Steve Butts and IGN then?

Pandamobile1577d ago

There's been a number of Crytek employees speaking out recently about not being paid and talking about the number of departures from the company in the last few months.

That's not what most people would consider a "baseless rumour", and you'd be wise to remember that.

Illusive_Man1577d ago

MS needs to go ahead swoop up Crytech and Capcom.

Whitey2k1577d ago

ms can have crytek sony can have capcom

modesign1577d ago

crytek must of learned business mismanagement from EA

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