Oculus Founder: ‘We want to make the world’s best virtual reality platform.’

VRFocus - When Palmer Luckey formed Oculus VR and launched a Kickstarter back in 2012 the Oculus Rift prototype was the only head-mounted display (HMD) of it’s kind in existence. Consumer virtual reality (VR) devices have become far more common in the intervening years, with competitors such as the Durovis Dive already available to purchase. Luckey isn’t concerned with the increasing competition however, assuring VRFocus that his team are striving to be the best, not necessarily the first.

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gamerfan09091666d ago

I like these guys. A couple of dudes that worked hard and became billionaires the right way. The passion they have for VR is so authentic. Nothing is corporate talk, they truly want to see the tech prosper.

Blacktric1666d ago

"Nothing is corporate talk..."

Does this include their press release and response regarding them getting bought by Facebook?

Tiqila1666d ago

I liked them too, achieving everything on their own with passion for their project. Then they sold to facebook and I lost all faith in the system and don't actually care for the devs anymore. They are rich now anyways, no hard work necessary. Project Morpheus for me now.

MRMagoo1231666d ago

I really hope Rift and Morpheus do amazingly well, I think it is the next big step in gaming and I cant wait to see the results when they both release for retail :) fingers crossed

Legendary-Status1666d ago

heck yeah I can't wait im getting one of them rather it be the Rift or PM Im going to be trapped in the VR Fun..

kewlkat0071666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

All I'm saying they have the money and the personal to make it done right...