TLOU: Remastered on PS4 Test Impression: "Holy Cow It Looks Like It Was Originally Created for PS4"

The early test impression of The Last of Us: Remastered are amazing, "it looks like it was originally created for Playstation 4, one of the best next-gen title" and "multiplayer looks and play incredible on Playstation 4 at 60 FPS"

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BigBosss2587d ago

cannot wait for this game, only a month to go! :)

nicksetzer12587d ago

You are telling me, I traded my ps3 toward a ps4 in early june, so I have not played this game (at least not much of it) yet. Glad to be playing it fir the first time with better graphics, controller and all the dlc though!

SpinalRemains1382587d ago

You're gonna totally dig it.

Word to the wise. Always make a shiv and have one available at ALL times for doors and clicker shanking. I cannot stress enough how vital that tip is.

Volkama2587d ago

Temper your expectations. As with anything, if you read into other people's hype too much you will probably end up disappointed.

I made that mistake the first time around and never persevered to finish it. I will have another crack at the PS4 version with more realistic expectations, and no doubt I will enjoy it a lot more.

NextLevel2587d ago

Disable "Listen mode".

It's literally one of the best games I've ever played.

ZodTheRipper2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Don't temper your expectations. Expect the best game you've played yet and enjoy the ride. News like these bring back my excitement about this game big time, can't wait to play it for the fourth time =)
The multiplayer + DLC's are going to be glorious with these visuals and a unified player base.

QuickdrawMcgraw2587d ago

Volkama...Let's be honest here...Have you thought about play it on easy...Then you will have a persevere...

Volkama2587d ago

@Quickdraw I didn't say it was hard, I said I didn't enjoy it.

I could list my reasons, that game has clear and obvious flaws. But I have 16 disagrees and counting just for suggesting someone goes into it with a reasonable expectation level so I doubt many of the rabbid fanboys here would care to discuss those flaws openly.

ZodTheRipper2587d ago

@Volkama: So we're fanboys now because we agree with over 200 Game Of The Year awards? And you're suddenly not the one who's siding with Xbox all the time? I'm not claiming that you're running any stealth agenda here but there is a good reason people disagreed with you.

ThunderSpark2587d ago


Volkama is definitely stealth trolling. Last of Us is such a good game and I have played many many games to compare it with. Gaming on the Sega Genesis, Saturn, Nintendo (64), Gamecube, PS 1 2 3 & 4, Dreamcast and Xbox 360 and PC, there comes a game every now and then that you know you will remember for the rest of your life. And one of those generation defining games is the Last of Us. So Volkama, take your stealth trolling and leave us true gamers alone.

UnHoly_One2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Nick, how did you trade your console in towards a console that wasn't going to be released for 5 1/2 months?

Volkama I'm with you, I'll take the disagrees as well. The story presentation was great, but the actual "game" was pretty bad, in my opinion.

Odoylerules0002587d ago

Can I try for some pretentious indie-kid points like Volkama and UnHoly_One by being a contrarian douchebag as well? "I could list my reasons, that game has clear and obvious flaws." I can actually list the reasons for you. The reasons are:

1. You never played the game but you automatically dislike things that are popular so you can see yourself standing outside "the crowd". Well aren't you just a singular, precious snowflake...
2. You didn't get enough hugs so you're bitter, especially at mom and dad.
3. You like the attention trolling gets you, especially because it upsets people. (This implies you're kind of a turd.)

There you go, buddy! Saved you the effort! (Saw your comment history... )Stay salty!


AshleeEmerson2587d ago

Do NOT temper your expectations, this game is a pure classic. Listen, my mom has learned to play video games because of her watching me play some of this game. That says a lot. She loves well written content and this delivers...

Volkama2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

No Zod, they are not fanboys for liking TLOU. It is critically acclaimed, and to all intents it is a high quality production. I 100% recognise that it is a top quality game.

They are fanboys because of the way they react to anyone that does not adore the game. This reaction to what I said above is absurd. I am not stealth trolling, y'all are just.... I dunno. Crazy. I don't understand that mindset at all. And I don't want to.

Your own comment just shows some enthusiasm, which is all good and healthy. But really, all I say is to temper expectations so it doesn't harm his enjoyment of the game. Is that really unreasonable? The level of expectation I had going into the game was damaging. And I sincerely do look forward to playing the remaster.

room4142587d ago

I agree with Volkama. The Last of Us is a brilliant game but going into any game overhyped or with unrealistic expectations can really kill the experience for you.

AKS2587d ago

It's an outstanding game. It's one of the first games I've seen take full advantage of the time available to slowly and gradually develop their characters. The storytelling is fantastic. Finally, we see a game developer show some discipline in maintaining their storytelling focus on the key characters rather than succumbing to temptations to try to deliver some sort of grandiose explosion-filled extravaganza at the end that forgets its key characters.

This is always an intimate, focused story about the journey of the main characters despite the apocalyptic conditions around them. This is something I've found in great books and films but very rarely in video games. I can't think of many other games that have achieved this level of focus and discipline in storytelling other than Team ICO's games.

vickers5002587d ago

I agree with room414 and Volkama as well. He's not just attacking the last of us, he's just saying that with ANY game, you cannot have unrealistic expectations about it.

The way some internet folks talk about some highly rated games, you'd think playing the game yourself would be some life altering experience.

I can't tell you how many times the commenters here at n4g have unintentionally tricked me into expecting "the best game ever" from whatever game was popular that month, only to be disappointed because the picture they painted in my mind of the game didn't match up at all to the one I got when I actually played the games. Not to say I didn't enjoy them, I did, but I wouldn't have been disappointed if they had simply said "expect a good game", rather than the "expect the best game EVAARRRR, your life will change after playing this, the game is better than having sex, this game will cure cancer, if this game doesn't make you jizz yourself you're dead inside" comments I usually see (okay, so they're a bit exaggerated, lol, but you get my sentiment).

Having realistic expectations about ANY game is key to enjoying it to the fullest.

Dannyh2587d ago

You will love this game. It was my favorite game of last gen. I cant wait to play it again

UltraNova2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )


I agree with the idea of keeping your expectations leveled when it comes to hype trains. This is why I never watch more than the reveal trailer of a game I'm interested in and avoid articles about it as much as I can until I get to play it. Of course reading previews and reviews is out of the question. I only go through those for games i m not entirely sold and dont know what to expect at all.

Considering ND NEVER allowed substantial info regarding the story and gameplay to get out until release (I was surprised they managed that, it shows now how confident they were) saying that TLoU didn't meet your expectations inclines me to ask...what did you actually expect from it?

Volkama2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Ultranova, I didn't play it when it launched. I had pretty much dropped out of the console scene for 2 or 3 years. Maybe longer.

In the run-up to the new gen consoles I found a little console enthusiasm and I went on a bit of a catch up spree. TLOU, Heavy Rain, God of War 3/ascention, Gears 3, Halo 4, Final Fantasy XIII, The Walking Dead, and numerous others that I had skipped.

So with TLOU I expected the bestest most perfect experience ever, based on critical and user reviews scores and the way people talk about it. I had no idea on the story or setting, because like you I completely close myself off to spoilers. Just knew it was the best thing ever in every way.

There were things I loved about it, things I will never love about it, and most of all there were things I nit-picked because of the expectation level I had.

Anon19742586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I can't say enough good things about this game. Temper nothing. TLOU to me was an absolute masterpiece of story telling and gameplay and is easily in my top 3 games I've played in the past 10 years. I've been gaming now since I received my Vic-20 back in 1981 and there's few games as good as TLOU. Looking back I think this game will be mentioned along such classics as Half-Life, Starcraft, Diablo, Doom, Zelda, Mario 64 etc..

Edge said "the most riveting, emotionally resonant story-driven epic of this console generation"

Empire wrote "a masterpiece that will be looked back upon favourably for decades."

I can't remember the last time a game has been this critically acclaimed or won as many awards as TLOU, and deservedly so. I can understand how the genre itself might not be for everyone, but TLOU absolutely raised the gaming bar and anyone who says different simply doesn't understand videogames. You don't have to like a particular game to give credit where credit is due.

I've already played through this game a couple of times and there's no question that I'm picking this up on my PS4 when it's available.

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ArchangelMike2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Yup, got mine pre-ordered. I just don't know if I should platinum the PS3 version first, or if I should just Platinum the PS4 version.

The_Devil_Hunter2587d ago

Wow, I was debating this myself I just ended up platinuming the PS3 version and will be going for PS4 as well.

Redlogic2587d ago

It's like great gameplay and incredible graphics....why not have both?

AndrewLB2586d ago

Funny how they don't show any actual gameplay on the trailer. Only cut scenes with very clunky movement animations.

Anyone who thinks this version looks like it was originally created for PS4 is completely clueless because the PS4 has much better graphics capabilities than what i've seen so far out of this game.

Chillbilly2587d ago

I disagreed because I believe you can, and will wait for this game.

FanboyKilla2587d ago

Wow thats good news. Hope its true, and not some fanboy talking. Its nothing worse than being suckerd into a fanboys delusion. Now im expecting this game to look better than most next gen titles, and awesome online. When that first scene comes, this article is what ill be thinking of. This game wont be like a remaster, its like a ps4 game, looks better than most next gen titles ive already played. And then.....................ill be crushed or in love, will see. Thanks for the hype though. I dont have much to get hype for with the ps4.

dantesparda2587d ago

You are one angry fanboy, I just hope you apply those same principles to Xbox games, bet you don't though.

stuna12587d ago

Then you're doing it wrong! I for one waited for the Last of Us to be remastered for the PS4, I think it was pretty obvious that it was going to come to the PS4, because there are just some games that deserve to be experienced by more people. The Last of Us is one such game.


Maybe you should save the "Stealth" for the game! I heard it's vital for completion.

solidjun52586d ago

"Its nothing worse than being suckerd into a fanboys delusion. "

You're one to talk.

2587d ago
Bathyj2587d ago

Yeah, its not surprising it looks so good, it was made with PS4 assets in mind wasnt it?

Besides, it Naughty Dog. I mean c'mon.

AndrewLB2586d ago

First off, it doesn't look good at all. PS4 can do a lot better than that.

Second, where did you hear the PS3 version was made with PS4 assets in mind? yea, they might have thought about PS4, but that didn't have anything to do with the games actual development. Hardly anything in the games coding for use on the Cell processor would translate to the new and completely different architecture of the PS4.

Bathyj2586d ago

Well I disagree, the game stacks up favorably against most of the next gen games out today, but yes I do agree ps4 can do better. Look at the uncharted 4 Trailer, but it is a remaster after all.

As for the assets, enjoy.

starchild2587d ago

Yep, this is one of my most anticipated games. I already played half of it on PS3, but then I stopped when rumors surfaced about there being a PS4 version in the works. I can't wait either.

gnrreuniontour2587d ago

You liked it so much you stopped playing it when there were rumours of it coming out on ps4? Ok.

starchild2587d ago

I know it sounds a little strange to do that, but I was borrowing the game anyway and I wanted to experience the game at its best.

showtimefolks2587d ago

amazing game can't wait. Best game of Last Generation IMO

don't temper your expections, go into it expecting an awesome game and you will get it

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NextLevel2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

What did you expect? It's ND. They're pretty much wizards.

Just look at their studio.

kayoss2587d ago

They eat rainbows and sunshines for breakfast. Of course they going to crap out art.

Eonjay2587d ago

Exactly, they only do masterpieces. Its kinda their thing.

Adexus2587d ago

Wizards that came from the moon!

Destrania2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Haha, I get that reference. +funnybubs

Mexxan2587d ago

Classic! I'll never look at the Dinkster the same way again.

The_Blue2587d ago

If you ever saw the high res characters than you wouldn't be so surprised.

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Arkardo2587d ago

If it feels like promised, plus dlc and multi-player, we can say it's a value nonetheless.

For people who never played it is like sent from heavens, a no brainer.

AllAboutGaming2587d ago

One of the best games of all time. I'm happy to buy this again. Can it win Game of the Year again? Is that technically possible?

Neonridr2587d ago

technically it can win because it is a separate release. But it won't win because it's a remaster of another game, which already won GOTY.

SuperBlur2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

ROTY perhaps! hehe

(remaster of the year)

Immorals2587d ago

@NoMercy I think the master chief collection would win ROTD, can't beat that value!

Utalkin2me2587d ago


Didn't know value had anything to do with GOTY.

But in all honesty man it would be nice to play some Halo 2 multiplayer, 3 and 4 i could care less about. I don't know a single person with a Xbox 1, so maybe i have to make a new friend =).

Neonridr2587d ago

@Utalkin2me - there are over 4 million people you could make friends with on the XB1. And there will be many more once this Halo collection releases.

jmac532587d ago

I haven't played it but I have a feeling it will be my personal game of the year. Every time people mention this game "masterpiece" is also mentioned the same sentence. Can't wait!

dragon822587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

@Neonridr- Not sure all 4 million are going to buy it but I would bank on about half, plus some newbies.

Prime1572587d ago


Couldn't care less. You said "I could care less" which means you care because you have enough caring to be able to care less.

Price point of mcc is pretty awesome...

Neonridr2587d ago

@dragon82 - oh I know that. He said he didn't know anyone with an XB1, I was merely saying that there are over 4 million people he could "meet", not that they would all buy Halo.

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randomass1712587d ago

Unlikely but most certainly not impossible. :)

hkgamer2587d ago

think the game industry would be a big mess if this game got goty. not saying this isnt an excellent game. just saying that no other game being released was better than this which would be really sad.

ZodTheRipper2587d ago

Fortunately Destiny is made of GOTY material.

DanteVFenris6662587d ago

Just got eso that's my personal game of year. I know it's not everyone's game but hell 15 dollars is pocket change for the content it brings(15 dollars should always be pocket change though or you should find a new job). Haven't had a funner mmo experience in a long time if not ever. The perfect blend of mmo and singler player and pvp(maybe haven't played pvp yet but it looks wicked)

@above i think I'm the only one with low expectation for destiny but we will see

Madderz2586d ago


Stupidest comment I've read this morning.

Praises a terrible MMO that has received bad reviews across the board and has been delayed for consoles.

Then downplays, thanks to the Alpha, probably the most anticipated and highly praised game due out.

Dafuq you smoking kid.

slyleo20012587d ago

I am excited to play this wonderful game again, but I think i will wait till it drops in price. I paid in full for PS3 and have a back catalog I really need to finish!

PsylentKiller2587d ago

Backlog? Finished? Those words never go together. I've finished almost every console game I've bought but my PC collection is a completely different story. These Steam sales are killing me. As far as PC goes, I probably become more of a collector than a gamer.

slyleo20012587d ago

you are right about that I just want me some more useless trophys lol.. With Xbox, playstation, Nintendo, and PC i will need a few clones if i was ever to finish >.<

mkis0072587d ago

My backlog is like every game ive bought on my pc.those steam sales:(

hkgamer2587d ago

with ps+ its pretty easy to get a massive backlog.