This May Be the Greatest Trials Fusion Track Ever Created

GoodGameBro writes,"Trials Fusion, like the other titles in the series, is one of those incredibly frustrating yet rewarding games. You’ll fail a track a ton of times and swear you’ll never play it again. However, once you make a tiny bit of progress you’re hooked and you’re right back at it again."

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Bathyj2589d ago

A lot of people dont know that Anakin moved from Pod Racing to Motorcross in his teen years.

GutZ312588d ago

Holy... I couldn't do that track.
I am alright at this game at best, that map is ridiculous in a good way.

uth112588d ago

seemed pretty standard until that elevator drop, then it just got insane!

Not sure which is more impressive, the 10-minute long track, or the fact that he executed the run flawlessly!

crazychris41242588d ago

Gotta love it when gamers make better content than the developers when given the right tools. Awesome track and even better run

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