If the Steam Summer Adventure seems rigged to you, that’s because it is

GameZone: "Turns out, the system is being rigged, but not by Valve. Instead, it is the Reddit community -- specifically the Steam subreddit -- that’s primarily responsible for the outcome every day. As pointed out to us by our lovely readers, there’s apparently an “Operation” where everyone on Steam works together to give each team two days of winning."

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jackanderson19852587d ago

still can't see how a couple of hundred people on that reddit sub-thread are influencing it to the 100's of thousands difference....I'd say Steam are still the heavy hand behind it making sure everyone wins at least once then it'll be some tight nit wins for the last few days

lifesanrpg2587d ago

The subreddit has 141K subscribers and at any moment there are over 1,000 users on at one time. Now imagine 2 badgers per person I could see the difference

Volkama2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Porkchop, these are imaginary badgers. If you hadn't spent your youth letting videogames rot your brain then you could have as many imaginary badgers as you desire.

Let this be a lesson to any youngsters reading poor Porkchop's tale.

Codewow2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

On day 1 everyone was pretty close, but purple won. From then on, the chosen color on their list was dominating.

Gh05t2587d ago

Is there any more proof than the prediction of a team winning on the day it is supposed to?

If it was rigged by steam to already have determined winners each day and each team was already set and somebody out of the 141k people knew who was going to win, couldn't that information be used to start a campaign to "Redistribute" cards to certain people of a color a day.

I am not saying this is true I would just like to see more proof than knowing who is going to win a supposedly already rigged game.

Debaitable2587d ago

I can't say who is rigging it but every color has won once before. On each of those days one color is quite ahead while the others are closely trailing each other. When that was noticed, some reddit users suggested to just wait till the day your team is going to win to craft badges.

To me I guess I'm ok with it. Every team gets a fair chance of having games won.

j0ncap1252587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Thanks a lot le rebbit! :^)