Gamespot Says PS3's NBA '07 Shoots a 4.9

From the Gamespot review: "It's mind-boggling that SCEA is charging $60 for what amounts to a buggy, stripped-down version of a PlayStation 2 game that wasn't all that good to begin with. Sure, there are moments here and there where the game is fun, but these fleeting moments are always ended by one (or more) of the game's glaring flaws. Other than having support for 1080p, the game in no way, shape, or form takes advantage of the PlayStation 3's abilities."

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soccerstar4451d ago

i thought the demo of this game was acually pretty fun but the graphics werent that good

TheXgamerLive4451d ago

Each and every day, little by little, we'll all see the problems, glitches, the bottlenecking, the ps2 quality graphics and gaming from the ps3. I hope things get better by summer of 07 for sony or else the ps3 will become the next Atari 64.

UrbanJabroni4451d ago

It was actually the "Atari Jaguar", which had dubiously claimed to be the first 64bit system. By the point that they released the system, the company had virtually NOTHING to do the Atari of 2600/Bushnell fame. After the Jag, the company was sold to a hard drive manufacturer. The rights then got picked up by the new Atari, which again, is in no way related to the previous 2 incarnations.

End Lesson.

TheXgamerLive4451d ago

I didn't buy one so I didn't really remember it as well. Thanks for the info, BTW, you seemed upset about that, you didn't buy one did you? LOL.

UrbanJabroni4451d ago

I was a writer for an Atari magazine doing Jaguar coverage. Lots of interviews, previews and trips to the headquarters to go over Jaguar items. I had total blinders on, thinking it was an awesome system...which woudl have been true if no other arcade games, video game consoles or pc games had ever been created in the history of mankind.

I have half a dozen unreleased games still...and all of them are awful. ;)

joemutt4451d ago

I knew the PS3 would have good games.

PS360PCROCKS4451d ago

ouch, that's a horrible score I think thats the worse I have ever seen

super bill4451d ago

its ea what do you expect.

xboxlj4450d ago

That game is made by Sony

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The story is too old to be commented.