Shovel Knight Release Trailer has Launched; Epicness Ensues

"A trailer to get you pumped up for what could be an amazing game.

Shovel Knight has been on the radar of a lot of 3DS and Wii U owners. With the visual art style of an 8-bit classic and game play elements of Mega Man, Castlevania, and Duck Tales present in the game, Shovel Knight from Yacht Club Games could be one of the biggest eShop hits of the Summer. The game will be released on June 26th for the Wii U, 3DS and Steam platforms, and Yacht Club Games decided to showcase a new release trailer today."

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herobyclicking1667d ago

Awesome, so glad this one is finally being released. SHOVEL!

herbs1667d ago

Been looking forward to this for far to long :)
Looks to be a AAA Indie game