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Chris Fleck reviews Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.

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oneluckybullet1581d ago

well that was a very shallow review. Didnt really say much on graphics, controls, length, ect.

showtimefolks1581d ago

movies are usually 2-3 years into making. why can't they find a game developer and provide atleast 2.5 years to make sure, they can make more money from the gamne

air11581d ago

Now that's a good question!

morganfell1580d ago

The game seemed bland in the first level. I don't care for the cutscenes and over gesticulating. But I started the second level and you leave Earth for the Cybertron in the past and you switch to the Decepticons. Actually enjoyable level so far. Not a huge generational leap.

jsslifelike1581d ago

Final verdict: Poor

The game or the review itself?

Farsendor11581d ago

not expecting good reviews, still paying attention to them i want to see what the media thinks about this game.

MSBAUSTX1581d ago

I agree. Only one decent Transformersgame out of the last three. I have high hopes fort his one because I have always seen great potential in these games.

taijutsu3631581d ago

Well this game wasnt made by High Moons studios the one who brought Fall of Cybertron and War on Cyberton...Also the game has no PVP only escalation (waves of enemies mode) ..."supposedly" PVP will be released as a patch/dlc but Im not holding my breath. As I ennjoyed the other Transformers series I want to try this but lack of PVP is making me reserved.

NinjaRichParty1581d ago

I don't mean to be ignorant, but man this is bad review. His voice has no life to it at all, his focus is all over the place and he just doesn't sound like he wants to be doing it.

I can understand if this is his first review ever, but it would have been nice if he put some more effort into it and went in depth with his analysis.

How exactly did this review get to be 480 degrees? Yikes.

memots1581d ago

Promoted review, you know ,,, moooooney

NinjaRichParty1581d ago

That's really sad. I wouldn't be rubbed the wrong way if the actual content was good or thought provoking, but man this is so sub par it actually hurts.

FamilyGuy1581d ago

It's the first review for this game that has shown up so far and the game just came out today. It was destined to get a little hot.

Being first has its benefits.

larrysdirtydrawss1581d ago

just got ear cancer listening to that guys voice

ThatOneGuyThere1581d ago

cancer is never really a good joke, FYI. AIDS on the other hand..

weekev151581d ago

Yeah but ear AIDS sounds like a good thing so doesnt really eork. "I got ear AIDS listening to.this guy." "Oh really so you can hear better now, thats nice of him""now I mean my ears got AIDS, like they didnt use a condom, ....nvr mind"

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The story is too old to be commented.