Hyrule Warriors New Video Showcases Impa

A new Hyrule Warriors video has been made available today, showcasing the playable character Impa.

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leemass242592d ago

she looks pretty badass, cant wait for the full character list reveals gonna be awesome.

Lighter92592d ago

LOL @ the music at the end of the video.

MSBAUSTX2592d ago

Lol yeah it is the music played when at a fairy fountain.

Lighter92591d ago

AND when you're inputting your name.

MSBAUSTX2592d ago

God i can not wait for this game. reserved it day after E3 announcment. I am really excited.

Spooney3232592d ago

The super sexy strong Impa! The famed battle trainer of the Hyrulian princess herself, simply amazing.