Xbox One's eSRAM Accelerates Memory Operations, Devs Scaling Down Resolution For Better Performance

"Of course people are scaling down resolution, because the more stuff fits in eSRAM the better performance," explains Shadow Warrior's Lead Engine Programmer, Krzysztof Narkowicz.

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Ballsack1582d ago

If you only have a xbox you won't notice the difference in resolution..

vishmarx1582d ago

shouldnt this mean the games should have better performance which comes from sacrificing res?

nope that aint true either

Kingthrash3601582d ago

Lol agreed.
All we mostly see is articles about performance and rez..
Many say now days that they don't matter. Its clear they do. Its clear that these 2 rival consoles are close..but one is leading inost categories. Fun factor is the stand alone most important part of gaming. Both will have that. But that's why rez and performance count in this rivalry. Its exclusives.. And its rez/ frames. Unbundled kinect evens the price.. But at what cost? Now its a weaker machine that costs the same. Better games are a matter of opinion. Facts are more powerful than opinions . the fact that ps4 has more games..more power.. Less paywalls and more introduced ps4 compatible hardware like pstv..and morphious..or a cloud service like PS now, the future just seems more promising the the rumors ms keeps talking about.. No hands on with the cloud.. Or dx12..or the augmented reality things they say they have...really nothing is clear on any of this things. Smh a lot of hand holding has been had this gen with x1. So many excuses and opinions.. But the fact of the matter is we don't know what ms is doing with the x1. What will dx12 do for x1? When will the cloud be truly utilized? When will we see augmented reality? These are supposed to be the difference maker..especially without the kinect. So the only things we know is about rez and frames. Everything else is shrouded in darkness.

user14394141582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I have been saying since november 2013 that the esram is the problem holding back the resolution on the Xbox One, this developer must have been reading some of my earlier messages about the Xbox One and how to improve it. Hopefully more people understand the massive issues with the Xbox One now and Microsoft can recall all the Xbox Ones and fix them.

dantesparda1581d ago

Well there you have it folks, use the eSRAM and you're more likely to run at 900p. What a bottleneck! MS should have just stopped being cheap and had gone with GDDR5.

stiggs1581d ago

@ MrTehDiNGO

" this developer must have been reading some of my earlier messages about the Xbox One and how to improve it."

Yeah, I'm sure that there is a cadre of developers hanging on your every word.

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ArchangelMike1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Lets not forget who started the resolution wars last gen and why it was started in the first place. Now it has become the 'de facto' trend as a result.

Basically, it's too late now to start saying "teh graphix don't matter, it's about teh gamez..." That might be true in theory, but in practice the fact is as a gamer, regardless of your platform of choice, you want the games to run at their best AS WELL AS to look their best for the money you paid.

You don't really want to find out that your platform of choice is being scaled back because of whatever issue on ANOTHER platform.

Heck that's why PC gamers rightly get worked up when PC games are gimped because of the console equivalents. Or why PS4 gamers go into fanboy rants when PS4 games get gimped because of the xboxone console.

For whatever the devs have to do to make xboxone games perform great and look great, they should avoid at all costs gimping the other versions simply because they want parity across the board.

And we as gamers, regardless of our console of choice have to stop this "it's about teh gamez" excuse and call for devs to make games shine on each individual platform without gimping other versions.

Septic1582d ago

"Lets not forget who started the resolution wars last gen"

Who started it last gen?

jessupj1582d ago

I just want developers to take advantage of both consoles and not gimp one version just for the sake of parity, yet I get called a fanboy for that thinking. Really perplexing.

mhunterjr1582d ago

So this nonsense is about a 7 year old grudge? You would think anyone old enough to remember last gens resolution wars would have grown up a bit by now..

MeliMel1582d ago

Funny cause all the games I own Xbox are fun and look great. Whether at 1080p or 900p,60 or 30 frames.

Not all gamers see it the way you do. To me as long as PS4 and XB1 games look better than their last gen counterparts im happy and so far neither has disappointed. XB1 at the moment was money well spent.

Why o why1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

The media started it and the fans ran with it. I didn't know of the resolution or framerate differences to such a level until last gen. Remember all the df and lot comparisons. The faction on top used it as a one up over the competition. Its easy for some to say 7 year grudge but its just as easy to say don't give it if you cant take it.

@septic....all you have to do is go back and clock the comments on the multiplat comparisons. I was very very important then made worst by the fact the differences were smaller than they are now. Baring a handful of botched ports/jobs all multiplats played the same yet it didn't stop the one upmanship. Rightly or wrongly, the banter will continue.

In regards to the better sacrifice. I'd also go with res over framerate. Its a pity the x1 has had to do this more often than not but I doubt it'll be that way all gen. I'm not saying the x1 will reach parity but it does have more room for improvement IF 1080P 60FPS remains the defacto or ceiling so in theory the performance gap should close.


Yep, no parity, no problem. So glad the developers aren't forced into like they may have been last gen. If the x1 is better at something.... utilise it, same for the ps4.

Baka-akaB1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )


I agree on the idea and principle , but let's be honest there ....

Up till the very moment people did learn the ps4 was slighty stronger , and up till the moment a few games were proven to run lower in resolutions .... the notorious fanboys and trolls were still playing the "resolution game" . And suddenly there is a big 360 and the same guys dont care anymore , "it's all about enjoying games and the gameplay"

It is of little consequence to the general public simply buying games on the console they choose to own .

It is important for people that love to study those details or maybe own both platforms

And is it the LIFE of trolls of either sides

LeCreuset1582d ago

"So this nonsense is about a 7 year old grudge?"

Grudge? No. However, when you have seven years of fans, media outlets, and reviewers stirring the public discourse to nitpick and hype the slightest graphical differences you can't expect people to not talk about even more significant graphical differences now, especially if all else is equal or in favor of the stronger console.

GoGoGadge71582d ago


For the last generation Xbox made it A POINT to tell the world 1080P! They even had a chip dedicated for the upres.

Now when the competition has it, and yours does not... it suddenly doesn't matter? That is not how the world works.

amnalehu1582d ago

Eight years ago I was playing my 360 and my PS3 on a 29 inch CRT with a resolution of 640x480. Graphics and resolution were often mentioned when comparing the 360 and ps3. Since my tv could not display a digital picture at 720 it really was not that big of an issue for me. HD in those days was often thought to be a fad and many wondered why we needed games in HD in the first place.

Now I'm playing on a digital 60 inch 1080p tv with a refresh rate of 240. Most people have sets that can resolve an image at 1080p and are over 40 inches in diameter. And now all of a sudden resolution isn't supposed to matter? The fun factor is what's most important but in this day and age most expect games to look great as well as be fun to play. Resolution does matter IMO.

SpinalRemains1381581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


This site is the same situation. In late 2006 this place was an Xbox fanboy haven! It was pretty berzerk with all the George Foreman, Enemy Crab, PS3 Doooomz every single day.

From there it went into 7 straight years of Xbox has better multiplats. Everyday.

The PS players took it in the pail like big boys and walked it off. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it's a different story.


Spotie1581d ago

@mrhunterjr: You think it was kids that started it last time around? Is that your excuse?

Are you saying all the media outlets that were playing up the differences not just from seven years ago, but SINCE seven years ago- and it's closer to nine now- were run by children? That those execs at Microsoft who crowd about the superiority of multiplats were immature?

Why do I get the feeling you are among the many who speak out now, but said nothing before? It can't be coincidence that this newfound "maturity" comes along just as Microsoft is losing its hold on the gaming arena.

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sovkhan1582d ago

Kinda funny, last gen some people needed editing software to prove the so called superiority of a console over another...with regard to multiplats.

And now that the difference is obvious suddenly it does not matter???

Weirdos indeed...

Note, i don't care about resolution nor fps if it solid, but the double faced people just make me frown...

JBSleek1582d ago

If you have a PS4 you won't either. I have both an I could not tell the difference between 900p and 1080p. If I wasn't told I would think they were the same.

Malphite1582d ago

It depends on a lot of things wether you notice a difference or not. The problem is that the resolution topic became such a mainstream thing now is that a lot of people will use it as the main tool in their fanboy wars even though they are probably looking at a badly calibrated TV with the wrong viewing distance in front of them.

I never see people debating TV screen sizes versus viewing distance even though that's an important factor in how you perceive image quality.

JBSleek1582d ago

"It depends on a lot of things wether you notice a difference or not."

Sure if you sit extremely close to the TV.

lfc_4eva1582d ago

900p or 1080p is not that important.

What is more vital is the quality of the textures and post processing.

I've been able to run my pc games at 1080p for years, but games a few years back looked dull in comparison to 1080p games now. The texturing in modern games is more important.

LeCreuset1582d ago


Just stop. If it weren't noticeable to many people the developers wouldn't bother putting any version, including PS4's, at 1080p. They'd use those resources to beef up the game in other areas.

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Magicite1582d ago

I know Ill get tons of disagrees, but by the time PC will run games at 8k/30fps, next-gen consoles will run 1440/60 at best.

hiawa231582d ago

I have both the PS4 and One, and the difference is really not that big of deal. I just want devs to get the Best performance out of each platform

BallsEye1581d ago

Well, I have both consoles, 50 inch tv and perfect eye sight and while some games look better at 1080p, others in 900p look better than those 1080p because of great AA. Still it's almost not noticable at all when you sit 2 meters away from the TV. Whoever say the can see significant difference talk out of his ars as human eye just can't see that much.

simple chart. Now unless you've upgraded your eyeballs like tiger woods, you should be fine.

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windblowsagain1582d ago

They are having to push through ESRAM, to speed things up. Otherwise games would be even lower rez or less fx.

There's nothing to figure out. The more ppl can cram in, the more stable performance in area's needed. It's already being done./

There is no magic sauce i'm afraid.

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URNightmare1582d ago

Future proofed, huh? Can't even run games in full HD without sacrificing other areas of development.

PLAYSTATION 4 is the console to get this gen!

Fireseed1582d ago

Except if you want games like Killer Insstinct, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Crackdown, Gears of War, Quantum Break, Forza... In which case you may just pick up an Xbox.

URNightmare1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

And if you want even better games than any of those you listed plus better multiplatform games, a dedicated VR Headset, a VG Streaming service and overall a better gaming experience, PS4 it is.

The Playstation brand comes with the full package. Xbox is a complete mess at the moment.

SniperControl1582d ago

None of the above really interest me, except GoW & maybe Forza Horizon 2. For GoW, i would pick up an X1 in a heartbeat.

Fireseed1582d ago


Well then if the Playstation line up interests you more get that than :D Personally I was buying whichever system got KI lol



HollowedSoul141582d ago

buying a system for fighting game is ridiculous imo lol and i was huge killer instinct fan on n64 lol fighting games are so one dimensional. good for short bursts of fun but get old real fast.

Fireseed1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )


Then you are clearly not as big of a KI fan as I am lol Idc what system that game was coming out on... I WAS GETTING IT! Hell. If it were to be an arcade release I would've bought myself an arcade cabinet.

But no, if you understand the mechanics and intricacies of a fighting game, the constant back and forth of positioning, pressure, intimidation and mind games is addicting. I dont think I could ever get bored of a good fighting game, and IMO KI hit's that sweet spot for me.

JeffGUNZ1582d ago

Or we could just get both consoles, eh?

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kenmid1582d ago

and the PlayStation 4 has no good games right now

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1582d ago

Saying that means you dislike all the multiplatform games. Oh your so picky

KinjoTakemura1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )


"and the PlayStation 4 has no good games right now"

Neither does Xbox One.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771581d ago

Judging by your comment and your disagrees, you are not smart! if you was, you must know that most of those games on X1 are on PS4. Just cease with that PS4 has no games bull%#?! already.
If somebody said that X1 has no games, you'll be offended by it,
won't you? you know you would be offended by it. Jeez dude,
kill that noise now.

kenmid1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

@D3ath if i'm not smart, why do I own a PS4? Thats fine you can look at my comment which I do prefer the Xbox One. But get the facts stright before you say i'm not smart. I'm a gamer, I have a gaming pc xbone, and ps4. And like I said Ps4 don't have any good games right now.

kenmid1581d ago

I think the XBox has better games right now like Titanfall, KI, Forza, and dead Rising. I did like Infomous on my PS4 but thats it. If funny how every gets so work up over a comment I made.

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ArchangelMike1582d ago

In terms of future proof, I have to agree that the Playstation4 comes across as the best future proof console right now. With Morpheus, PSTV and PSNow, not to mention the fact that with better overall specs, it will be capable of pushing farther for longer.

XiSasukeUchiha1582d ago

I agree to the PS4 is futureproof, plus games, and finally this article confirmed that ESRam is a giant bottleneck of its own.

marlinfan101582d ago

I've got both consoles and i guarantee if you saw side by side gameplay of all the different multi plats you wouldnt even be able to tell the difference.

IAM1581d ago

Wtf r u high? CoD & Blackflag
In 720p before the patch look like s***.
I thought something was wrong with my PS4. Haha... Thankfully there was a patch. Not going back to XB1bootleg resolution. BF4 was just barely acceptable. It could use better AA.. On a 60" HDTV its noticeable. So much so its distracting. Microsoft would have to pay me to play at resolution lower then 900p. I do not pay $60 for bootleg resolution.

lfc_4eva1581d ago

And very soon ill be upgrading my graphics card and monitor to achieve above 1080p. So the ps4 is already falling behind for me and many others. No such thing as future proof.

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MasterCornholio1582d ago

That's what developers have been saying for a while now. There's really no surprise in the fact that ESRAM causes some issues. But it's better to have it than to not have it otherwise they would have to deal with the poor bandwidth of the DDR3 ram.