Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Sega Publisher sale details: 24th-30th June 2014

The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale for 24th-30th June 2014 is now on. It's a fairly extensive list this week as there are plenty of deals on Sega titles, LEGO titles and Fable bits and bobs. There's even something for Xbox one owners.

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user14394142202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

Deals with gold will NEVER compete against the Steam deals. Microsoft should take note of Steam and try and give people better deals.

IrishSt0ner2202d ago

Yea for the 360 only, X1 deals suck, I'm getting pretty annoyed at the dumb non-deals DWG for XboxOne offers.. *Edit* Seems you've totally changed your comment... anyway yea save £7 on RYSE big whoop! I'll could just buy it for £20 cheaper online.

Zichu2202d ago

I would like to know where you can pick up a brand new copy of Ryse for £25 or even less.

IrishSt0ner2202d ago

@Zichi, who said brand new? Even with that stipulation (pointless IMO due to forced HDD installs) it's just over £30... lower than the DWG, exactly the same as what happened with DR3.

JBSleek2202d ago

There are reason for that.

Fyflin2202d ago

That's a pretty pathetic discount for Ryse to be honest.

ghostface92202d ago

ya Im thinking they couldnt discount as much as the other games they have been doing cause crytek needs the money cause there going bankrupt

Fasttrack762202d ago

Yep at those prices no thanks ms

oKidUKo2202d ago

Not interested in the X1 offers, someone might be but not a big enough discount.

danowat2202d ago

How old was the xbox 360 before it started getting discounted content?

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The story is too old to be commented.