Who Could Actually Buy Capcom

Capcom shareholders on Monday, June 16 turned down the company’s existing takeover defense, a protective measure enacted in 2008 and upheld in 2010 and 2012; its purpose was to prevent a hostile buyout of the company from external entities. The end of this defense brings into question the future of one of video gamings oldest and most recognizable companies.

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MultiConsoleGamer2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Nintendo said they're open to acquisitions. I'd love to see Nintendo and Capcom team up. Dream come true.

Microsoft has recently partnered with the company to publish Dead Rising 3. Buying Capcom would help them win an easy victory this gen. (Plus Killer Instinct VS Street Fighter would be sweet!)

I like how the author mentions Amazon. It shows he's really thinking outside of the box. Amazon has the money and the desire.

silvacrest2587d ago

the way nintendo treats lets players/ online streamers means i dont want them to acquire capcom

wonderfulmonkeyman2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Oh brother. If that's your only reason, then that's not good enough.
Nintendo would do a great deal of justice to the Megaman franchise, and keeping monster hunter is in their best interest, too.
As for let's players, despite the new plan that they're proposing(which shouldn't happen), they've stopped claiming videos for months now.
It's why you'll see their games being played on channels like Game Grumps.

silvacrest2587d ago

there are other reasons but they would just be speculation like lack of creative freedom, lost jobs, re-purposing capcom to make "kid games" etc

while on the other hand i know nintendos stance on live streaming and despite what they have done recently, there is nothing stopping them going back to their bad ways

UltraNova2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Hell I'l go right ahead and say this!

What about a collaboration ? A joint acquisition from Sony and Nintendo? They can pick IP's e.g Megaman can go to Nintendo and RE to Sony, if they dont agree on a particular IP they can make it multiplatform between their consoles only!

Its a win win situation!

Of course we can hope their Japanese stubbornness and pride can forget the whole debacle that let to the PS1 and Sony's dominance in the console war some 20 years ago.

Well one can only for American companies buying something so...Japanese...we can forget about it.

fenome2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I think Nintendo would be perfect, I used to see the Capcom logo on my NES and SNES a lot when I was a kid. I might be saying it pure out of nostalgia, but it seems like a perfect fit to me.

blackbeld2587d ago

Agreed. Nintendo is doing great job with Sonic too so Nintendo is a perfect fit indeed.

sinspirit2587d ago

I agree heavily that they would be great with Sony and Nintendo, but other likely buyers could be Koei, Namco Bandai, and Konami.

If Sony or Nintendo buy them I have a hunch that Breath of Fire might make a comeback to try and have more RPG's in their library of games.

fenome2587d ago

I loved the Breath of Fire series, a lot of companies are sitting on gaming gold with IPs that are collecting dust for no reason. I really hope they start to realize this and start bringing them back.

Dark Cloud
Legend of Dragoon
The Chrono series (Cross & Trigger)
Brave Fencer Musashi
Bushido Blade

That's just off the top of my head, this list could go on, and on, and on...

3-4-52587d ago

* Whoever gets Street Fighter & Megaman Wins.

- Think of all the awesome possibilities for game types you could do with the freedom to use those two IP's.

* Could make the standard games, and keep old fans happy, and ACTUALLY make cool spin-off games of various genres just to try things out.

* A PROPER Strategy Tactics RPG with Street Fighter & Megaman Characters similar to Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics.

* Megaman 11,12,13,14,15
* Megaman X,X11,X12
* Steet Fighter Tactics
* Street Fighter 5
* Street Fighter Vs Megaman
* Street Fighter Turn Based RPG
* Street Fighter Action RPG
* Megaman Legends 3,4,5,6,7

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iamnsuperman2587d ago

Non of the gaming companies will. Companies like Amazon are a better bet since they like to have fingers in a lot of pies but also it is a good road in for gaming. The platform holders buying Capcom is a fan boys wet dream but it will always stay a dream. Platform holders would need to restructure and layout personnel (which won insure more cost) to make them first party (you can't have a company like Capcom working within your first party development studios. It is not streamlined).

ifistbrowni2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Hopefully not Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. Exclusives get tiresome.

I dont follow this type of news, so forgive me.. But, If Resident Evil IP goes up for sale, i would be surprised if Sony didn't attempt to buy it. When i think of Resident Evil, i think of the original Playstation. As a kid, I remember being terrified, albeit loving every minute of those games.

Resident Evil is sort of a "dead" franchise after the last 2 installments. It's a game i grew up on so it will likely always have it's place. I can honestly say (but somewhat ashamed) that i've enjoyed every Resident Evil installment. I don't see why 5 and 6 were so ill-received. They're far from what the franchise was originally, but still enjoyable in my eyes.

MSBAUSTX2587d ago

Nintendo owns Sega and their games arent exclusives completely. Now Sega games are nott he caliber of Capcoms's, but I would easily put money on Nintendo usingt he opportunity to make money in the third party sense by letting Capcom keep doing whatt hey do, the way they let Sega run themselves, and make tons of money off of PS4 and XB1 owners. Would be a smart investment for the long run. I would be afraid of anyone else buying them because they will try to put their own stamp on Capcom and that scares me.

BlackWolf2587d ago

Sega is not owned by Nintendo.

Darkstares2587d ago

Nintendo does not own Sega. They have a partnership with Sonic and 3 titles will be exclusive to the Nintendo platform. Sega is owned by Sammy and are now Sega-Sammy.

I would actually like to see Nintendo buy Capcom but I don't think Nintendo wants that large of an acquisition, they are a cheap company. Sony doesn't have the money and Microsoft does but would Microsoft want to own Capcom (which includes its arcades)? They would likely put up a fight because they are a non-Japanese company but Microsoft has the most to gain from it.

I think a merger with another Japanese publisher would be the best option but any option would be better than them just going bankrupt.

MSBAUSTX2587d ago

Yeah i looked it up and appologize for my inCorrect statement. Hate it when i make myself look dumb. Their close partnership is what made me say that. However i do still worry what type of influence Any of the big 3 would have. If they stay third party i think it would be best. Again i appologize i really didnt mean to make that kind of a mistake. Thanks for being cool about it by just stating facts though. I appreciate it guys.

kratoz12092587d ago

Resident evil belongs on PlayStation
Would be disappointed if it became exclusive to another console

BVFTW2587d ago

Resident Evil is multiplatform since its first instalment.

MSBAUSTX2587d ago

Yeah because the last resident evil was fantastic. (Rolls eyes)

gantarat2587d ago

Resident Evil is sort of a "dead" franchise ?

ifistbrowni2587d ago

honestly not sure why im being disagreed with. You guys are replying to my comment, but i don't see anything that you've said that shows why you're in direct disagreement, or even why you choose to reply to me.

I don't want Resident Evil to be a future exclusive. Oh well. Internet dislikes aren't going to make me change my opinion of the franchise.

marloc_x2586d ago

Revelations was tight on 3DS..

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DualWielding2587d ago

I hope none of those, I hope its like Atlus and ends up being bought by another third party publisher....

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