CNNMoney: PlayStation 3 can't hide its flaws

CNNMoney - "The question is: If you're somehow able to find a PlayStation 3 on a store shelf this year, is it worth buying one? Sadly, the answer is not yet. The system is too expensive for what most people will get out of it -- and the initial slate of games don't offer enough innovation or thrills to justify the purchase."

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videl4442d ago

how can you advice someone not to buy things he want ? ms must pay you a lot of money, i mean come on, a ferarri costs near 3000000$, and you make not such statemants about that, whats with you ? xbot.

testerg354442d ago

I think every comment you make on all negative news is that "MS must pay you money".

Agent VX4442d ago

Well, if you are a Sony Loyalist, then this article doesn't make sense. If no way would you buy a WII or 360, then get the PS3.

But sadly, if your on the fence about which system to buy, or not quite in the market for a Next Gen system, then I would definately wait.

The games from launch have been of poorer quality in comparison to the 360 titles.

Online is rather lackluster, actually it's pretty atrocious.

Blue Ray, although nice, just ain't there yet. Maybe in 2 to 3 years, when BlockBuster has titles to rent and their are more titles to buy, it would be a good investment.

Overall, if your looking for a solid gaming experience as of now, the 360 and from what I am seeing, the WII also is the only way to go.

That being said, in a year or so when the PS3 gets the chinks out of the armour, it will be a solid system. As of now, it's really an overpriced system that you really don't get much out of.

CLX4442d ago

The ferarri may cost near 3000000 BUT it is flawless. The ps3 is no ferarri and very far from flawless.

Say's you4442d ago

Saying that the PS3 doesn't have innovative games god this guy doesn't even know what he's talking about considering he's a moron the PS3 has way more innovative features and games than the 360 had and plus this article is all about being pestimistic of the PS3 you guy's alway's fall for that !crap! all the time.

Grown Folks Talk4442d ago

half of the games out for it are already on the 360. so how is it way more innovating?

Thugbot1874442d ago

The worse part is the games that came out on both systems seem to get a better review on the Xbox 360. Oo and let us not for get RFOM, considered good review but it was said didn't make any advancements to its genre but copied existing games (Halo Vehicle, Call of Duty, Half-Life). I would say that’s lack of innovation and Ridge Racer 7, isn’t innovation sounds like a repeat with better graphics. Sony really doesn’t have many games coming out of it that are exclusives in 07 in comparison to the Xbox 360.

Arkham4442d ago

Moneycentric people have no imagination or patience.

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