The Joy of Mario Kart Online

It’s taken a little time, too long to be frank, but Nintendo have finally released a game with a rock-solid, brilliant online multiplayer component. Mario Kart 8 is a revelation and a significant step forward for Nintendo.

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iplay1up21575d ago

Heh, I get my $%^ handed to me on a plate almost half the time. Great online, it is pretty seamless.

randomass1711575d ago

Me too. Those online racers are more brutal than the AI. >.<

jcnba281575d ago

Same here and I've 3 Star'ed all of the levels and "cc" even Mirror! Online is just so chaotic but very fun at the same time.

nesiguess1575d ago

If you ain't first you could very well be last in any race...keep those corners tight dudes.