Miyamoto Ponders Nintendo Making Games That Run On Handheld And Console

"Could you imagine Nintendo making games that play on both their console and their handheld? Nintendo's top game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, can. He told me he sees that as a challenge but also an area of opportunity."

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Fireseed1582d ago

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iamnsuperman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I am a little confused by what he means but I don't know if that is a wise move for a console. It would be cool to just buy one game and it can work on multiple system but you run into issue that plagues mobile gaming and stunts that growth. Also it would make porting (if you sell two different games) easier but there is a hugging limiting factor having scalability and unified platforms (especially when it comes to progression, the amount of RAM is going to be the killer factor here).

Sony is getting round this with remote play and honestly think that is the only way to do such a move. Or you develop two different version and give the impression of a uniformed game through cross buy

Mr Pumblechook1582d ago

@iamnsuperman. One idea on the table that Miyamoto referred to in a previous E3 interview is Nintendo unifying their handheld and home consoles (mobile chips are much more powerful.) The two ways of doing this are either an all in one console that is mobile and can be connected to the TV. The other way is two separate Nintendo machines that are exactly the same internally, but one is a handheld size with a screen, the other for home can connect multiple controllers for local multiplayer.

I really think this idea will work and will be a massive return to success for Nintendo.

lemoncake1581d ago

Think ipad and Hdmi dongle for the first option, then sega master system and game gear for second. Would be interesting to see which way they would go.

jsslifelike1581d ago

You guys are absolutely right. Take Wind Waker HD, for example. Not only does off-TV play exist, but it retains all of the second screen functionality by assigning screen-swapping toggle to the minus button. N has already perfected the frame-streaming tech in Wii U, so that's no stretch. I've figured this the no-brainer place Nintendo goes next for a while now, all because it only makes sense. All they really need is a Vita-style device that can put out some kick-ass mobile graphics, then let me pick up playing the same game after dinner that I played on my commute.

Monster_Tard1582d ago

Make a 3DS player for the Wii U.

Spooney3231582d ago

Yes make the 3ds a controller for the wii u with its own screen!!!

Debaitable1582d ago

This is where Nintendo fusion comes in. I'm guessing a tablet like controller that also doubles as it's own handheld gaming device when away from the system. Something like that. I'm pretty baked.

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