Damnit, I Won't Be Tricked Into Buying Another Xbox

The new Xbox always looks pretty attractive at the start of each new generation. But each time, the competing PlayStation console ends up with more.

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Pogmathoin1578d ago

how many times can I play a new Halo or Gears?

I have not complained about Unchartered, God of War, Gran Turismo, Resistance and the many, many other sequels exclusive to Sony.... 360 had many great games, sure not as many as PS3 at the end, but to single out 2 games like thats it, sad..... Its a business...... I hope developers never listen to the likes of you.

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AngelicIceDiamond1578d ago

"Damnit, I Won't Be Tricked Into Buying Another Xbox"

Says PSXTREME wtf is this man?

Ok quick clarification on this article and anyone else who attempts to parrot the same thing this guy saying.

"I'm tempted to get the Xbox One because I really want to play Sunset Overdrive, and I'd also like to have Fable Legends. There are actually several exclusives on the horizon I'd want. But no, I won't fall for it again; I absolutely refuse. What assurance do I have that the same thing wouldn't happen again?"

Heres your assurance:

At lot of the new things actually impact the broader audience over time. Winning that core gamer year after year is a focus of mine as Head of Xbox."

He's been saying this since March. Its about games, its about games, its about games, games, games, games with Phil Spencer.

I personally wouldn't want anyone else in charge of Xbox besides Phil. The day Phil, resigns, retires or whatever it is, the day I might just hang up my Xbox. Because once that happens Xbox will be exploited into a giant TV box and everything will change for the absolute worse.

That's my personal stance.

Winning that core gamer year, after year is what hes says hes doing. It happened last year and even better this year and next year will be even better.

What does MS need to do next E3 Game on 2 or 3 sequels at next years E3?

The agenda is positive.

Phil says gamers first year after, after year I'll have my controller next to me ready to play, year, after year, after year.

Christopher1578d ago

Man, since Phil says it, it must be obviously true. It's not like anyone during the tail end of the 360 didn't say the exact same stuff about supporting the console or anything.

Look, the article is kind of stupid since you can write one saying the exact same thing about the PS4 if you disregard everything it has to offer. But, citing a quote from a person who's trying to sell you the product as an "assurance" of some sort against said opinion is just silly.

Eonjay1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

For me, most of the games I want are on both systems. The one Xbox game that could pull me in is Quantum Break, but I want to know that it wont be the only reason why I want the system. FF15 and Kingdom Hearts are on both, but I absolutely want the best graphical version for these titles so that definitely a PS4 purchase right there.


I'm pretty sure you were taken down by the community. If it was by an admin, you probably wouldn't be able to comment.

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InTheLab1578d ago

While I agree about Phil potentially changing the culture of Xbox from that of multiplat reliant and Kinect or bust that is the 360, you have to look at history and the whole story...

You can't just let them off the hook for the last 3 or 4 years. The 360 started off strong early on and died mid cycle.

That could happen again. Hopefully it wont. The last few years of the 360 I found myself forcefully buying multiplats on it just to play something. I hope that won't be the case when I pick up an X1 this fall....

Volkama1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

How long does it need to be supported for the current pricetag to be justified in your eyes? Do you really want these current consoles to last 8 years again?

The 360 lasted some 4 or 5 years before support dried up. Personally I do not regret buying a 360, so if the One gets the same ~4-5 years of good support I will be satisfied.

I'm not suggesting Microsoft handled things well dropping (or refocusing) support without launching a new console for core gamers. I am just curious about expectations and demands for this gen. For me the last gen dragged on way too long.

Utalkin2me1578d ago


You do realize you're trying to justify MS not supporting their consoles with games. Then that tells you MS is not doing something right.

The console should at the very least be supported till a new one comes out regardless. And a consumer focused company will support it a while longer and not just immediately drop support at launch of a new console or the mid lifespan of a console.

Christopher1577d ago

***Do you really want these current consoles to last 8 years again? ***

Is it wrong that I actually do? I'm very content with the level of graphics we get now and would rather see those last 4+ years of the console's life spent developing better gameplay elements rather than flipping over and focusing back on graphics on new hardware with its own buzzwords and gimmicks and price tag.

QuickdrawMcgraw1577d ago

I agree with the article...But the solution is simple...This gen I am waiting 4 or 5 years...That will give a enough time to see if this gens console is supported as promised...

fr0sty1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

The article, ridiculous. Especially coming from a PS fansite.

However, the concerns regarding Xbox One's support drying up are not far fetched. MS started off roaring strong with 360, stealing exclusives from the PS brand left and right, coming out with new IP (Gears) that sold extremely well and established the console as the go-to place for shooters, both first and third person. They built an online system unrivaled by anything else on consoles.

Then Sony stepped their game up. They flexed their first party muscle and started cranking out exclusive after exclusive. They beefed up their online system to make it somewhat comparable to Live, though it would never get there all the way on PS3 due to the system not supporting certain features from the start like cross game chat. Sony created PS+ and it took off like a crackhead during a police raid.

How did MS respond? By dialing back the number of exclusives they invested in, relied heavily on the 3-4 good selling games they had established earlier on in the generation, and then they tried to shove Kinect down everyone's throat.

It isn't crazy to be suspicious that they might try something similar. Going full on sprint for the first leg of the race, then tiring out and panting their way to the finish line as the competition screams past them.

Phil is definitely a good speaker, a good PR rep, and a younger person that many of the 18-35 gamer generation can identify with. So far he's doing good, but back in the early days of Xbox 360 that was the case too. Allard, Nelson, etc. were all just as popular back then... then most of them quit the company and everything went downhill.

So, it'll be interesting to see how it all pans out, and I can't hold it against anyone for being suspicious that history will repeat itself.

Last time, it was almost as if they expected the generation to only last 4 years, but then RROD set them back a billion dollars and they had to make all that money back, so they tried to milk another 4 out of it before investing in a new console. You could tell investment from MS into the console was drying up. No new studios, no new IP, etc. So, if Xbox One doesn't perform as they hope, it could happen again.

AngelicIceDiamond1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )


"citing a quote from a person who's trying to sell you the product as an "assurance" of some sort against said opinion is just silly."

Ok well what else am I suppose to do? Tell me if its not Phil I should trust then who should I trust? That doesn't make any sense considering this guy proved himself already.

"It's not like anyone during the tail end of the 360 didn't say the exact same stuff about supporting the console or anything."

MS said similar to what Phil did? If you provide a source that would be much appreciated.


Your gonna believe a quote about Kinect but not Phil's long term goals? Maybe you should read @Cgoodno's statement:

"citing a quote from a person who's trying to sell you the product as an "assurance" of some sort against said opinion is just silly."

So how is this any different when I'm a citing a quote from Phil? People believe your quote and disregard my quote despite the fact its coming out of the same guy.

Wow(man ppl) Anyway.

Btw there's only a handful of Kinect games out now.

I'm pretty sure Phil wouldn't just suddenly stop producing hardcore games in favor of Kinect casual games, back track, and re-re-focusing on Kinect. A niche and dwindling market, and leaving the core fans behind once again that's stupid and makes no sense.

"You can't just let them off the hook for the last 3 or 4 years. The 360 started off strong early on and died mid cycle.

That could happen again."

How do you know it could happen again with a game centric boss focused on hardcore gaming crowd? I don't wanna debate about something that's in the future we can go all night about that.

Christopher1577d ago

***Tell me if its not Phil I should trust then who should I trust?***

Actual results, nothing else. Same with everyone. You don't listen to them talk, you see what they actually do.

***MS said similar to what Phil did? If you provide a source that would be much appreciated. ***

"Microsoft expects multiplatform games to perform very well for buyers who have yet to make the jump to the next-generation Xbox One. "

Wow. Such support. Much first party. Feeling love.

You tell me how people should feel with first party support nosediving since year 4 of the console itself why they would believe comments like this? Or take it to me that they, Microsoft, are actually supporting the consoles with an influx of games?

Volkama1577d ago

@Cgoodno no, you are not wrong to want the consoles to last 8 years. I posed that as a question because it was a question :)

For me personally, in 5 years time the consoles will be so far behind my PC that they will be fading to irrelevence anyway and I will want a refresh. But that is probably because I am a tech enthusiast (nerd), as well as a gamer.

@UTalkinToMe, I am not justifying MS dropping support for their console without a new one on the market. I think that was big a mistake on their part, it let enthusiasm for the brand whittle away and I am sure it is a contributing factor to them losing some of their core audience.

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lelo1578d ago

LOL. These articles get approved so fast, it almost seems like the person who submitted the articles, has another 10 accounts to approve the article in such a short time.

Quick, approve it before someone reports it... LOL.

Christopher1578d ago

Flamebait stuff. People here love it.

ALLWRONG1576d ago

And don't forget the N4G mods who support these articles and sites.

D-riders1577d ago

OK how often does any of those games come out. Once every 4 years on Ave besides uncharted which 4 will probably be the last for 4 years. Get your facts straight people do complain because these game come out so frequently. For a horizon 2 is announced before the last for a game was on the market a year. Fan boys are idiots, you all will try to make the most lopsided arguments possible. Gran tourism seen three releases on psychological with only 2 real games. God of was 2 games in 7 years.resistance 3 games in 7 years. Now ms. Halo 4 games 6 years , gears 4 games 6 years, fable 4 games 6. For a I can't even count they have like 6 or 7 games in 8 years. But that is a fan by argument that Ms doesn't milk the shot out of franchises. Just sony. I don't know why ms fan boys hate Sony so much

2v11577d ago

Thatz tha history of MS consolez - MS lays on tha exclusives pretty thick up in tha beginnin courtin stages. Then straight-up neglects yo' needz as time goes on makin you feel unloved ta tha point where you find yo ass up in tha armz of another console!

Seriously though, Sony has a pimped out history of providin a phat stream of qualitizzle exclusives as well as providin a phat VARIETY of gamin experiences.

Retroman1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

good lord man did snoop dog write this unenglish crap??

must be 15 not attacking you fizzle- MY- jizzle .

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MrSwankSinatra1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Xbox as a brand has always been sub-par. Really wish SEGA was still around making consoles they made some bad financial decisions, but they had the great consoles and WAYY better first party titles. microsoft could never fill that void in any capacity.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1578d ago

I'd buy a new sega console in a heart beat.wish they still made consoles too.

Volkama1578d ago

But going by the diminished quality of their games, I'd say their most talented creative minds have long since left the building. What good would a Sega console be with their current standard of shovelware on it?

uth111578d ago

Agreed. MS is so straight-laced and corporate focused- it blows my mind that they ever managed to get a foothold and credibility in gaming. It's only because of their deep pockets I guess.

mochachino1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I enjoyed both my xbox original and 360, although, I kinda grew to dislike my 360 by the end of the gen (live increasingly seemed like a bit of a rip off).

All I know is if xone doesn't sell better expect xone 2 (or whatever) to be released in 3 or at most 4 years, with xone support dropping well before then.

Immorals1578d ago

Had live since the OG XBox, never seen it as a rip off. 3 quid a month for great online, and now free games as an added bonus. Throw in rewards and I'm a happy bunny.

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GW2121578d ago

Sucks for that guy. I bought an XB1 and a PS4 because I enjoy games. This console war crap is pretty pathetic. Remember when video gaming used to be fun?

Bunch of pubescent teens running around nowadays with mommy and daddy's money. Pathetic.

Immorals1578d ago

It's stupid. I didn't buy a ps3 last generation because all my friends are on xbox and I wasn't interested in many ps3 games, but it's still a great console!

I have a one, and I'm going to get a ps4 down the line. There's no 'better' console, it's all down to your own tastes.

ginsunuva1578d ago

I know it's all personal preference.

It's just that your personal preference happens to be weird as fuck.

Shinox1578d ago

*Remember when video gaming used to be fun?*
Oh yeah , well i do remember the PS2 era being fun with no console wars whatsoever , its just people giving M$ a free pass to do anything they want to create more fanboyism on the gaming community by moneyhatting some titles originated to Playstation , back in the day people rarely call each other fanboys , till the XB360 reveals and things becomes worse and worse

SkullBlade1691578d ago

Say that to the MegaDrive/Genesis and SNES owners back in the 1990s...

Kiwi661577d ago

Those were the good old days when people didn't think it was there right to put down others but simply enjoy the same hobbie its such a shame that people who have only been gamers for a short period think they are better than those like myself who have been into video games since 1977

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