PS3 System Update v 4.60 Live Now - Download Link Here

PS3 System Update v 4.60 Live Now - Download Link Here

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knifefight2590d ago

I usually just do my firmware updates by way of the game discs. Feels good, man.

ftwrthtx2590d ago

I still do ps3 updates via USB for friends.

Pro Racer2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Not sure how this article got so popular, it doesn't even describe any changes or features. Slow news day I guess...

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Future_20152589d ago

Where is the 3d blu ray playback already for ps4? whats going on sony

iagainsti1202589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Before they do that i would like them to fix the wireless throughput on the system. Just upgraded my routers firmware to DD-WRT. That made a big difference but its still less than half what my laptop is testing at. Running Netgear WNDR3700v4 with DD-WRT v24-sp2 (04/18/14) std. before firmware update I was 30Mbps on laptop and 8 Mbps on PS4 for Download. After the Firmware update 82Mbs on laptop and 24mbps on my PS4. Took me 1 1/2 days to download Wolfenstien New Order at 8Mbps. Wired has always been a stable 115Mbps. Also if anyone has the balls to try it DD-WRT kills stock firmware. But beware FOLLOW the instructions or risk bricking your router.

FanboyKilla2589d ago

Ps3 update wtf! What about this ps4 i got sitting here. Hmph. What the hell are you updating on ps3? The ps3 has more features than my ps4. Sony wtf happened? Two months ago you had it all figured out right? Now your fuc*ing wheels falling off. No games, no features on ps4, its pretty much the same it was out that box. And you want me to rent games from you, that you should be giving away on plus. Now im a half a year or more from actually getting just fuc*ing one of those sony exclusives. I dont get it why are yall ps4s better than mine? Mine sucks or the content does at least. Oh yeah and the software is horrid. Dejavu sony dejavu.

D-riders2589d ago

Wow do you not pay rugs cause the system is loaded with them . People are quick to say what games Sony doesn't have but if you count mom's and other types of games it's not eve. Close this y3ar. Also this gen has launched with more games than any gen before. Nintendo took almost 2 years to drop games. People cry about resolution and frame rate but don't want to wait for games. You've had infamous MLB knack ff14 and more plus a ton of indy games. What are you complaining about. Cause ms has third party companies making games. Did mention deep down. Sony has games just not fp yet but when they do start coming you won't be able to keep up. Shut up and game

jnemesh2589d ago

Wow, really? You don't think Sony has TEAMS of engineers working on improving their console RIGHT NOW? Sell your console if you are so unhappy! The improvements are coming...but if they release before it's ready, you get bricked consoles. Do you want your update NOW or do you want it STABLE?

T2X2589d ago

There actually is a PS4 update today as well.

chikane2589d ago


same here i don't trust PSN updates or via usb

my ps3 was at Version 3.75 till i got ffx/x-2 hd and that's when i updated to 4.53

2589d ago
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0P-Tigrex2590d ago

Is this a legit update or just an article with various ways of doing an update?

SolidDuck2590d ago

Ya this seems fishy, I thought we were already at 4.71. I could be wrong tho.

ftwrthtx2590d ago

PS3 is now at 4.60 while the PS4 is going to 1.72 later this evening. The links posted are straight from Sony's servers.

SolidDuck2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

My bad I got them mixed up and turned around.

Menkyo2590d ago

it just adds closed captions for blu ray

DarkBlood2589d ago

What do you mean? I can already do that on my blu rays

GeofferyPeterson2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Finally, mp3 playback, 3D Bluray playback, suspend and resume, and the ability to turn off the light bar! One can dream right?

Master-Chief2590d ago

You're dreaming about the wrong console. This update is for the PS3.

UltraNova2589d ago

All I really want is the ability to make a mean double Espresso...

Hope dies last!

iagainsti1202589d ago

And if you had eye's you would see that there is an update for ps4 as well.

bomboclaat_gamer2589d ago

read next time idiot
it says PS3

iagainsti1202589d ago

"PS3 and PS4 Both to Get a System Update: PS3 Download Link is Here" that is the title of the article. Guess you didn't read.

DanaBlack2590d ago

Really hope Sony makes an update of customizing the Ps4 XMB, kinda tired of the blue background even though it's my fav colour. Hell Ps3 n Psp let you change backgrounds n themes on day one

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one2thr2589d ago

Not themes, but the color you wanted your back ground theme to be on day one...

Why o why2589d ago

Im not sure why anybody would disagree with wanting/having an option. Not gunna call those people 'f's' but I can only guess its because he's talking ps4 in a ps3 firmware article.

FriedGoat2589d ago


(within 0p-Tigrex's Post)

In England, We have meatballs called Faggots.
The word does belong in the real world.


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NotoriousJae2590d ago

Sony has the worst updates EVER!!!!

Shake_Zula2589d ago

I assume that this comment is directed by the contact system stability updates... So, just so we are on the same page, Sony actively develops to improve a product that they've already sold you on... but you hate it, because you can't see the code changes... Kind of short-sighted, no?

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