5 Hugely Disappointing Things of This Console Generation so far

Nerdacy: "Microsoft and Sony have been enormously successful in kicking off this new generation of console gaming, but at the same time, it has been largely disappointing for the consumer. In my mind, there are five things that can contribute to this massive disappointment."

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NextLevel1732d ago


"Above all, I am very disappointed about the hate going around in the industry. Seriously, why does it matter what console you bought or how many pixels the game renders on your TV?"

I love when people act like technological advancements are not major in the world of electronics. How many times have you heard a some say about a TV, 720p or 1080p doesn't matter because it's about the shows you like. Or it's ok this smartphone doesn't have apps and a wifi tether, phones are for calling people. Get over yourselves. The only people who ever say resolution or technology doesn't matter, is the people who's console has resolution or technological problems.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1732d ago

Yes exactly. When I was buying my Tv about three weeks ago, I made sure it was not 720p because like console shopping, I looks at what I think will be the best value for me.

Pogmathoin1732d ago

Wow, you are on a troll marathon today? Can you add to your name, ihatefvkinxbox? All day you have nearly been first to comment, you post stories too just to get a reaction. You lost an entire day of your life being pathetic, but I hope you feel good regardless...... Get a life!

SuperBlunt1732d ago

attack the argument, not the person. he/she is correct though

ScottyHoss1732d ago

Don't hate the player hate the game!

OT SuperBlunt you have a dope username.

Infamous2981732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Attacking the person instead of bringing valid proofs to counter his arguments.

Typical fanboy behavior.

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n4rc1732d ago

No.. But you could say TV stations don't output at 1080p so it doesn't matter (based on that)

But that's not the point.. Its the fanboy mentality the author is talking about..

There's nothing wrong with saying "hey.. I like ps4 better.. It has the games I want to play and I like that most are native 1080p"

Nobody can legitimately argue that.. But when you start feeling the need to bitch and troll others for liking something else? That is unnecessary. And exaggerating or lying etc to try and sway others opinion is just a dick move imo

SuperBlunt1732d ago

amen dude even though sadly i veer to that side once in a while. I will never ever argue with somebody if they dont like the exclusive games one console has over the other. Its just the little nit picky crap that drives me insane

gamerfan09091732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I don't see anything wrong with his argument. Why should I care or argue if one console is stronger than another console? It's meaningless banter. At the end of the day play what you like and don't play what you don't like. Both of these consoles are low to mid range PC's with the PS4 being the stronger PC. I don't see why people should then take the piss out of other people choosing to play on a different platform. It's not downplaying technology, it's questioning why argue meaningless shit.

DefenderOfDoom21732d ago

Listen gamerfan0909 / I am not coming at you or anything, but you should read people's comments before you reply . Go back to the PHIL PHISH article about gameplay YOUTUBERS , and read all my comments! I agreed with you on my last bubble and yet you were still coming at me, even though i kinda agreed with you in my last bubble. Maybe you were having a bad day? I am just trying help. I like to have, somewhat intelligent , informative and fun debates about the video game industry with the N4G community. So no hate here . As far a this article goes . I agree with your first bubble ! Like ADAM SESSLER, i do not understand why people get mad over which console people game on! People should respect the platforms other people game on! CHEERS gamerfan0909

0P-Tigrex1732d ago

I made sure i bought a 120 ghz TV bc i know in my heart.. Sony...The company i hold dear to my soul.. will make the PS5 will the capability of 120 frames per second. I know this.

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Ihatetrolls761732d ago

Ps2'and ps3 where weaker than xbox did that stop you from buying a sony system? Just curious

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GamingTruth1732d ago

pc fans are the only ones that think that resolution and frame rates hold some weight or relevance, they use it to dangle it over console gamers heads as their 'proof' of pc superiority thats why any graphics argument that comes up is always in support of higher res over lower res higher frames over lower frames, the only ones who could ever be leading such a charge of flame wars is pc fans since they are the only ones with the platforms capable of higher fram rates and resolutions, or so they say

NotoriousJae1732d ago

Then why did you buy a new console?

joab7771732d ago

Strange list to me. First as was stated dlc exclusivity is quite old and no more out of hand than before. Delays have nothing to do with the games progress. Its simply that there isnt a big enough consumer base yet for these AAA games.

Exclusives are what they r. We need to be thankfully for the cross gen games...also, there r mmos and f2ps now and soon we will be overqhelmed with enjoy it while it lasts.

And gameplay? I played dead rising at my friends and it was by far, not the most fun ive had so far. I understand that ppl obsess over graphics and resolution...but its more than that. The big story is the big story b/xbone console sold a more powerful machine for $100 less...and the other ignored their hardcore crown in lieu of entertainment. Yes, they r getting back on track...but it was justifiable to b a little angry, especially if u gav ur life to the 360. also old...and everywhere. Npt b/c of a new gen.

ifistbrowni1732d ago

I played Dead Rising at my friends and it was, by far, NOT (???) the most fun i've had.

Odd way to "measure" how good a video game is. If we go by these standards, idt any game would be classified as anyone's "most fun i've ever had" because there are plenty of real life things that beat even the best video games.

I'm sure it was only a typo, judging by the context immediately following your sentence. Just wanted to point it out.

NotoriousJae1732d ago

Only sony ass pirates like the indiestation4 if you want some real aaa gaming switch to the xbox one and PC gaming :D

URNightmare1732d ago

Real AAA gaming on Xbox LMFAO!!

Show me the 360's exclusive GOTY's last gen and I will show the the PS3's exclusive GOTY's.

Btw, one of the PS3's is being remastered for PS4 and won over 200 GOTY awards, write back when an Xbox exclusive achieves that. I will wait forever.

NotoriousJae1732d ago

PC has more exclusives you dumbass :D

SpinalRemains1381731d ago

Yeah, but gaming on PCs is lame. That's why most people play on consoles.

Godmars2901732d ago

Wasn't expecting the consoles to be up to speed with "next-gen" games, but the downgrades in media support was a sad surprise. Especially with MP3/MP4s being removed from the PS4.

URNightmare1732d ago

I don't think they have been removed. They haven't been implemented yet and that's something else.

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