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Ryan from Twinfinite writes: "If it weren’t for its technical quagmire, Enemy Front would be a solid shooter. The setting behind this World War II first-person shooter sets itself apart from others, focusing on resistance fighting in Europe whilst the Nazi war machine blazes across the continent. The only other WWII fps that touched on this topic so extensively was Medal of Honor: Underground. Needless to say, the developers, CI Games, managed to find a component of WWII that hasn’t already been played to death."

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ThePowerpuffGirl1577d ago

You got that right. As if worked on the technical side, EF certainly would have been better. Only that, in my opinion, it's not like the end of a bad game. I liked the missions, locations were well done. They could also work on intelligence opponents, but you can not have everything. Generally, I'm on the big plus.

Aon1577d ago

Enemy Front is not a perfect game but honestly I don't play on ideal game yet. For me graphics is not as bas as everyone says. AI can be better but storyline, soundtrack is big plus. I loved WWII shoooter game so I must try Enemy Front and certainly do not regret buying this game.