UK Hardware and Software weekly ending June 14th

PS4 edges out Xbox1 and watchdogs ps4 stays at number one.

PS4 9,277
XOne 8,430
WiiU 5,485
3DS 4,391
X360 3,667
PS3 3,204
PSV 933
Wii 191
PSP 68

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XiSasukeUchiha3684d ago

PS4 is still leading all over the world even after the price cut lol

NextLevel3684d ago

It's hilarious people actually thought the Xbox One was going to outsell the PS4.

Malphite3684d ago

I wouldn't call it hilarious. It's not like it would've taken much more for XOne to outsell the PS4 this week especially in the US (according to vgchartz).

NextLevel3684d ago

I'm more surprised it was as close as it was, both UK and US.

Darkstares3684d ago

What's really hilarious to the point of disturbing are the people who create new accounts solely for the purpose of trying to annoy a certain fanbase.

The truth is after all the negativity the X1 got since it's debut and high price who actually thought it would outsell the PS4? What is interesting however is how much has changed since that time with the direction the X1 has taken. But what hasn't changed over that period and is unlikely to change are those who go on forums to be as negative as possible.

Eonjay3684d ago

Actually I kinda did. See, we are on forums with militant fans, but in the real world people are buying what they want. At least there is more parity between sales now. Lets see if this lasts.

amiga-man3684d ago

VGA chartz numbers should always be taken with a huge pinch of salt, who knows what the numbers really are but VGA chartz is the last place I would be looking.

SniperControl3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Don't we also have to take into account that vgchartz are known to overtrack X1 numbers and under-track PS4 numbers?

Holy crap, on a global level PS4 sold 110,000 why the X1 managed just 38,000,(PS3 actually sold morewith 47,000[week ending 7th June])

bouzebbal3684d ago

wait until Titanfall comes out
==> PS4 still leads

wait until kinectless
==> PS4 still leads

looking forward to what's next from xbox fanboys.

Sincere01213684d ago

It's hilarious how much sado's care about sales of a console. Your not receiving any profits made from any console.

Smh fanboys need to get a life.

system223684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

What's hilarious is the price drop has only been available to purchase since the 9th of june and these numbers are week ending the 14th. sales are almost at parity in that time. Let's see how this plays out with a full month.

Mr Pumblechook3683d ago

These VGChartz figures are BS guesses. I know someone who works in the largest GAME store in London. He said when the new SKU was announced there was a high amount of pre-orders but not enough to be a see-change and tracking for his store has Xbone selling 50% of PS4 and this is with the price cut.

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aceitman3684d ago

and in Europe there is no contest ps4 is more than doubled the x1 with x1 selling 15,000

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3684d ago

Seriously? Why the hell isn't VGChartz banned already?

3684d ago
MRMagoo1233684d ago


If you actually looked at comments on these articles you would see it is mostly sony fans trying to ban the site , I know I always down vote the site everytime they put one up and so do most of the sensible sony fans, so dont try to pretend its only here because MS cant beat Sony. Yet if the xbone was ahead we would still say ban this site and I guess you would say its because we want to hide the fact the ps4 is losing right.

Eonjay3684d ago

Have you contemplated the possibility that N4G and VGChartzs are partners. Or do you think the N4G widget at the bottom of the page is there by accident.

SilentNegotiator3683d ago

Because this is the closest that we get to getting sales numbers, especially WW numbers, on a frequent basis. It's far from perfect, but until NPD reports accurate WW figures or someone else comes along with more accurate, frequent numbers, this is all we've got.

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Gunstar753683d ago

What price cut? They released a new sku. This isn't a price cut.

CaptainObvious8783683d ago

Remember it's vgcharts, so take it with a healthy amount of salt.

But we do know vg likes to over track ms consoles and under track sony console and this week in light of the price drop would have been a perfect opportunity to skew the numbers.

If the PS4 is still winning according to vgcharts then that's very interesting indeed.

shinrock3683d ago

Why do they over track MS, and under track ps? I keep seeing this comment but no1 elaborates.

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corvusmd3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Uh, these numbers don't add up at all, both consoles sold more copies of just Watch Dogs than these numbers posted here. Considering the gap in consoles sold, the numbers of game sold is tiny. This is of course all rumor though being as it's VGChartz

Side note: why does anyone get joy out of the idea of a console failing? That doesn't sound like something a gamer would say. Although I do love how we are constantly reminded that these numbers are rumors and wrong....until it lets someone talk trash.

@Aceitman...you do realize that X1 is in less European countries right? Not saying that that would double X1 sales, but still you're right it's no contest...because it's not a fair comparison.

aceitman3684d ago

so what can be said about usa.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3684d ago


Which is why this site needs to be banned. I am tired of looking at false data from them. WTH is even the point of looking at their data when they are always inaccurate. I could probably "guess" my own numbers and sometimes have a better prediction than VGChartz.

Nitrowolf23684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

", both consoles sold more copies of just Watch Dogs than these numbers posted here"

Uh dude, you think everybody who bought a PS4/Xbox One this week went out to buy Watch Dogs as well? These numbers don't add-up TO YOU because you are relating the two separate sales figure as if they should be near identical, when there are also existing owners buying the game

jnemesh3683d ago

Why? Because Microsoft is bad for gamers. They released a BAD CONSOLE with a FLAWED "vision", and are now furiously trying to backtrack...but they still have an underpowered, overpriced console! Buying exclusive titles, insulting and LYING to their customers, polarizing fans....Microsoft is about as good for gamers as the Kinect is for playing games.

Chevalier3683d ago


You seriously think less European countries is MS problem? Europe has always been dominated by PlayStation. 2/3 of sales last gen were from U.K. and U.S. alone. The rest of the world only accounted for 1/3 of their sales.


Also last gen their were only U.S., U.K. and Australia where MS beat PlayStation sales. They're losing all these currently. In fact they're losing in every country. So yeah if they can't win a single country then how will they catch up by increasing countries? They're just going to lose those countries as well.

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Axios23684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

TitanFall still in the top ten after all this time

and less than 10% difference in sales now that the price is the same