Why Mobile Gaming Will Not Kill Consoles

VideoGameGeezer on why home-console gaming will be just fine, despite the formidable threat posed by the increasing popularity of mobile gaming.
With the fact that you can play every mobile game on multiple devices, mobile gaming has no real exclusives. In addition, the best games on Facebook, Apples AppStore and Googles PlayStore are scaled down copies of other games that are not as pleasant, comprehensive and/or well produced as their home console counterparts.

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rdgneoz31576d ago

It won't kill consoles at all, though it will kill some developers.

randomass1711576d ago

Hopefully not any really good ones.

TheSaint1576d ago

Good devs will never fail, that's why they are good devs.

Magicite1576d ago

Yet its gonna do some damage still.
So far as trend goes, this is worst (judging by hardware sales) console generation.
PS4+X1+WiiU must sell at least 300 million units by the end of this gen, to prove that we have steady progress.

DualWielding1576d ago

This generation would be the first time the console market shrinks but that's just because the Wii became a fad and brought lot of people in that were never gonna stay.... about 200 million units among the 3 consoles would be enough for the console industry to be considered healthy

BattleAxe1576d ago

"Why Mobile Gaming Will Not Kill Consoles"

I think we're way beyond that argument at this point.

pdblacknoir1574d ago

i actually had a series of debates on the topic

gamerfan09091576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Mobile gaming is getting better and more powerful faster than I would've ever guessed 2 or 3 years ago. I don't think it'll kill consoles in the next 5 years, but if the tech keeps evolving the way it has been then we could be that much closer to Iphones playing legit AAA titles on mobile in the next decade. It won't happen any time soon, but mobile gaming is something to keep an eye on. It's cheap, has big players in it that have the capital to make it work, and it can attract 11 year old little jimmy all the way down to 65 year old jessica the grand ma.

DualWielding1576d ago

but I don't see any way around the control issue, touch is not enough for hardcore gaming, putting analog sticks is not practical on a phone, and using a wireless controller with a phone/tablet as a screen is not practical because screens are too small

thehobbyist1576d ago

I doubt mobile tech will evolve to a point of killing console gaming. Since GPU's are getting bigger again instead of smaller. So unless you want a phone the size of the WiiU tablet you aren't gonna rival console graphics(Or even computational power) with mobile.

SuperBlunt1576d ago

Omg why would you choose a thumbnail pic like that?

TransientDreamer1576d ago

This conversation is still being had in 2014?

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The story is too old to be commented.