Knack Devs Explain Why PS4 Was Given 8 GB of RAM Instead of 4 by Sony; Talk Development and Feedback

The development of Knack wasn't without problems: as a launch game that was being developed in parallel with the console it had to run on, there were many unknowns in the equation, and Senior Producer Yosuke Watanabe, Outsourcing Manager Seiichiro Funayama, Game Director Takamitsu Ijima, Lead Artist Yoshiaki Yamaguchi and Lead Programmer Tsuyoshi Murakami provided quite a lot of interesting "post mortem" information.

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XiSasukeUchiha1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Good read actually thank you dualshockers.


Nice joke,and surprising a good article from dualshockers.

ColeMacGrath1578d ago

Is this the first time you read an article? xD

jebabcock1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

This was a nice good read. No hate, no fanboys, just information. I liked knack as well. It wasn't GOTY material but it was definitely a game worth playing IMO and could be a good franchise if continued. My kids also loved it.

Off Topic:
Truthfully, there is actually an additional secret 4gb of specially optimized RAM that sony can unlock at any point that is directly tied to an even more powerful hidden molecular GPU that when coupled with a firmware update coming out later this year will increase the performance of the overall system 2000%.

So i was thinking of starting a website to compete with MisterX... do you think my material is good enough or do i need to stretch things a bit further?

sorry... i couldn't help myself.. with the comment about slightly greater than 8gb of ram... I had to take it a step further.

LamerTamer1578d ago


But you forgot the all important "secret sauce", hidden eSRAM, DX12 port, and of course "the cloudz".

jivah1578d ago


No they have either 8GBs or 8192MBs

The amount you wrote insinuates they have 8Gigs and 192Megs meaning a total of 8384MBs

bouzebbal1578d ago

Knack is a technically flawless game. i haven't experienced any glitch at anytime.

UltraNova1578d ago

I'm still undecided whether to get this game or not..

How long is it? Is it worth it?

alexkoepp1578d ago

It was given 8 because the OS uses 3.5 and if they remained with 4 devs would have 512MB to work with. Same as last generation consoles

Prime1571578d ago

Sonypsnow is talking about the background task chip. 2gigaBIT.

"Along with the 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM, the PS4 has an extra 2Gb of DDR3 RAM, a system teardown by iFixIt has revealed. This extra 2Gb – that’s really 256MB, 2 Gigabit rather than 2 Gigabyte – is suspected to be used for background processes on the secondary processor."

If he's not adding that in his comment, then I don't know. It's for background tasks and low power state. I don't know, I just don't.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1578d ago

Interesting Read, indeed!

I liked Knack even thought it was less than I expected.

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Prime1571578d ago

Well, I remember developers being flabbergasted by the announcement of 8gigs. Most people thought MS was going to easily win this generation because the specs on "Durango" were 8gb rumored, while Orbis was speculated at 4gb. A fact later reiterated by articles like this.

ITPython1578d ago

Even with 4 GB the PS4 would still have have had better performance than the XB1.

But glad they stuck in 8GB instead, otherwise this entire gen gamers would be bickering about which version of a multiplat game was better than the other. Rather than how it is now, where we all know without a shred of doubt the the PS4 versions of multiplat games trump the XB1 versions.

Angrymorgan1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

@ isasuke
I know you cant answer me but..why do you always get so many disagrees for seemingly innocent comment's?
And how the heck are you always 1st to comment???

TBONEJF1577d ago

LMFAO you're one pathetic guy. You really don't know anything bout computer hard ware. And quit making a fool out of yourself.

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Dlacy13g1578d ago

Interesting, so they are saying Knack was the game that did it. Meanwhile there were other numerous rumors about the likes of Gearbox and other 3rd party devs basically hinted that they were going to be way behind with only 4GB even if it was GDDR5.

Guess it really doesn't matter ultimately what/who made the call. They did and they are better for having done so.

Volkama1578d ago

Weird parallels between 360 and PS4 though. It is quite well known that the 360 was going to have 256mb gddr3, but epic spoke up and demanded more for gears of war and so it ended up with 512mb.

Dlacy13g1578d ago

Yup, I remember thinking the same thing.

MasterCornholio1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Well I believe that several developers saying that 8gb was essential caused them to implement it. I dont believe it was just one studio that did.

P.S Reminds me on how Bungie and Guerilla Games helped Sony design the triggers.

Dlacy13g1578d ago

it definitely was multiple studios I just specifically recalled Gearbox stating they had told Sony they didn't think 4GB would be enough. But the rumors are that multiple studios had hinted that very thing.

wsoutlaw871577d ago

well knack was lead by Cerny and he was lead designer on the ps4.

uth111578d ago

Thanks Knack for making the PS4 better! lol

Illusive_Man1578d ago

Because they looked over and saw Xbox One. MS needs to more careful about leaks.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1578d ago

Well your username does not fool anyone, neither do your comments

1578d ago
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