Destiny Beta Impressions: Destined For Great Things?

Sean Halliday of Pixrl Gate writes:

''How do you follow up creating a pop culture phenomenon? That’s the question Bungie has to answer following their hugely successful Halo series. Their first work after Halo was always going to receive instant hype given the pedigree that Bungie has earned over the years. It comes with no surprise that Bungie has been keen to keep Destiny at the front on people’s minds, with various press releases and videos, for example. E3 2014, during the Sony conference, Bungie surprised us all by announcing that the Alpha beta would be going live that week.''

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corvusmd1631d ago

I'm juiced about this game...

SpitFireAce851631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Got a quetsion I pre-orderd Destiny for PS4 at
BestBuy in store.There was no beta code on the
receipt.Anyone else pre-order in store at BestBuy.

PeaSFor1631d ago

after all the trailers, dev speechs and game infos,.....i was mildly interested at first.., but after a good 10-15 hrs into the alpha it totally make it a must buy for me, its an awesome mix between MassEffect, Memeland(borderland), Diablo, Halo and MMO.

i went from "meh" to "Holy shit my nipples are hard and cant wait for the full game god dammit!!!"

i spent pretty much all the Alpha lvling the titan, hunter, warlock up to lvl8, spent a good amount of time playing pvp even if im not THAT interested into competitive fps, enjoyed the shit out of the raid&random instances even if i hate mmos, and found tons of blue items that i couldnt equip due to the alpha lvl cap(arrrggg......such a cocktease)

man, im hyped for the full game(AND the Beta!), so good job Bungie, im a believer now, the alpha completely changed my mind about the game!

AllAboutGaming1631d ago

The alpha made me pre-order after I was on the fence. Stepping away from Halo really helped to give Bungie the impetus to make a new killer app. I'm hoping we get to explore some more locations in the beta.

shay1591631d ago

Same here. I was pretty disinterested in Destiny before the Alpha. But, now it's my most anticipated game of the year and pre-order has been placed.

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Shen31631d ago

Loved Halo but have realistic hopes for Destiny. It just doesn't interest me at the minute, I'll pick it up though at some point.

GamerEuphoria1631d ago

errr....yes..yes there was...the Alpha beta

Phene1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

That's what I'm saying. At least this hype isn't like Watch Dogs, which took your money then disappointed you. An alpha and a beta is rare IMO for a game like this, but damn if it didn't convince me to keep my preorder. Smart move by Bungie. Playstation 4 Lyfe.