Sunset Overdrive Will Turn On My Xbox One

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''This year’s E3 was a weird one for me. It was the first E3 in which I had invested in all of the main systems early on. Out of all three systems (Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One), my Xbox has been turned on the least. There isn’t a whole lot on the system that’s captured my interest for long periods of time. Garden Warfare kept me busy for about a month, Titanfall for a few weeks, but nothing has kept me locked into the system. With this in mind, I was looking forward to Microsoft’s E3 conference in the hope there would be something to spark my interest.''

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corvusmd1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I'm the opposite, No man's sky and Uncharted will turn on my PS4 (potentially Order and Bloodbourne). I actually purposely been trying to go through inFamous again just to get use out of it (I just got it back from repairs and either my hard drive was erased or replaced...booo).

@Next Wait, are you saying my opinion doesn't sound true? Or in your infinite wisdom are you saying my Disc Drive didn't malfunction and have to be fixed/replaced?

GamerEuphoria1576d ago

Oh i'm pumped for the game i'll be playing on my PS4, just my Xbox one has been errr gathering dust of late, so it's nice to have something to look forward to playing

cleft51575d ago

I am very heavily into the Sony camp on things, but as far as getting use out of the consoles go, why would you buy a console that you don't want to play or doesn't have enough games on it for you to consistently play?

I brought my PS4 day 1 and have played it everyday. I know people who brought the Xbox One and have played it everyday. If a console doesn't have enough games that currently interest you than you wait on buying it. Apparently, there is just a bunch of people out there that buy consoles that have no games on it that interest them. Personally, I can't really understand that idea and I am hard press to feel overly sorry for folks in that situation.

I have been waiting for X or Bayonetta 2 before I buy a WiiU because I am not into traditional Nintendo games that much, don't get me wrong Nintendo makes great games. But because I don't want to be one of these folks talking about how they don't have anything to play on their expensive consoles I am waiting on my purchase.

lifeisgamesok1575d ago

Weird it's usually the opposite

NextLevel1576d ago

That story don't even sound true.

I feel like Sunset Overdrive is being overhyped like Titanfall to the point where it'll have a negative impact on the game itself.

Insomniac's last 2 game average is in the mid 60's.

IMO a 70 is higher for RCA41, that game was garbage.

GamerEuphoria1576d ago

how can a opinion piece not be a 'true story'? All for one failed due to the awful motion controls, and fuse was just a mess.

NextLevel1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


I was replying to corvusmd's comment, not the story in general. I DID reply to him.

BTW, All 4 One didn't require motion controls.

Magicite1576d ago

It seems lately MS is betting on games whicha re fun at first yet get boring quite fast.

No_Limit1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Have I mistakenly walked into a PS4 article? WTF does Sunset Overdrive has to do with the PS4? How about stay on topic/ smh

marlinfan101575d ago


Kind of like infamous, kz, knack

Septic1575d ago

I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that ANY game that MS has some sort of exclusivity to will be regarded as over-hyped, from a certain group of people.

Dolf0451575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Insomniacs history is overall a good one and critics that have got hands on time with Sunset Overdrive are digging it man. I personally have really enjoyed their work on PS, I'll miss out not getting to play this one on PS4.

"Overhyped" is thrown around a lot lately. If people are excited and you're not it doesn't mean that it's "overhyped", just means that this isn't your game. There's plenty more out there


Fair point, but the last two games weren't getting much love from the critics either whereas this seems to be getting a lot of attention and is pleasantly surprising some. Maybe they learned from their mistakes

NextLevel1575d ago


"Insomniacs history is overall a good one and critics that have got hands on time with Sunset Overdrive are digging it man. I personally have really enjoyed their work on PS, I'll miss out not getting to play this one on PS4."

I agree Insomniac are capable of making great games, I'm just pointing out their recent track record. It is what it is.

sonarus1575d ago

Every console exclusive seems to get hyped beyond belief for no reason. I think the Order looks borderline mediocre and sunset overdrive looks fun. I only have a PS4 right now and sunset over drive looks like most likely game to get xbox one for.
Don't underestimate Insomniac based on their prior works because i can guarantee if they decide to push a console exclusive for ps4 all of a sudden it becomes the best looking game. I am still hoping for a PS4 resistance so Insomniac is still ok in my book

NextLevel1575d ago


"i can guarantee if they decide to push a console exclusive for ps4 all of a sudden it becomes the best looking game."

I just said the PS4 exclusive RCA41 was garbage, so your guarantee is severely misplaced.

jnemesh1575d ago

Indeed...that's why whenever I refer to the game, I call it "Sunset Overhype"!

I don't think it's possible to hype a game more than this one has been...we even have Phil Spencer saying it will "Save the Xbox One"!

There is no way ANY game could live up to this level of hype!

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Corpser1576d ago

What does ps4 have to do with this and why would that be the opposite?

Volkama1575d ago

To add balanace to the story of broken new consoles, my XBox One cannot play discs.

If your hard drive was wiped sure you would just re-download the games (or stick you disc in if that's your style) and sync up the save file from PSN?

spicelicka1575d ago

Isn't uncharted coming end of next year though? Even no man's sky is coming next year

JBSleek1575d ago

The first comment in an article about Xbox One is someone talking about the PS4.

This is N4G in a nutshell. Lol

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GiantEnemyCrab1576d ago

Killer Instinct, DR3, Titanfall has kept my system on.

URNightmare1575d ago

I don't remember the last time someone even mentioned Titanfall let alone a Titanfall article or something and those Titanfall ads on every youtube video are gone finally, crap!

christocolus1575d ago

That you don't hear people talk about it doesn't mean its not being played anymore.maybe its just N4g cos its still an active topic in many xbox forums.The game is still selling quite well,my brother and his friends still play it and its still up there with cod and wolfenstein as one of the most played xbox live games.

Wikkid6661575d ago

I play Titanfall everyday.

mhunterjr1575d ago

Typical for any game release actually. Once the game is out and being played, there really is no need to keep writing articles about it...

I can gauruntee you, there are still plenty of people enjoying Titan Fall, the new map pack, and anticipating the new game modes that will be coming with the next update.

ghostface91575d ago

how not you sony fans love to troll xbox articles so you should have seen it plenty seeing is how they have new modes coming and people like myself are playing the hell out of it. Stop trying to downplay this game just cause its not on the ps4

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Ko_Uraki1575d ago

My Xbox One is on with Watchdogs

ghostface91575d ago

nice I still need to get that game have been busy with titanfall though

Meltic1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

just Another immature game. Looks shit. Just like dead Rising 3 this will come to PC in a year. Dont be bullshitted from MS.

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christocolus1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Dude,wth?why all the hate and anger? Do us all a favor and kindly get back under that bridge you crawled out of. As downtown said above its fanboys like you who ruin this beautiful industry.

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