Who Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse's Mystery Character?

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Coming from a huge fan of the series, I can tell you that there’s something about Dragon ball Xenoverse that hits a chord with me. The art style and music combine into something that has me anxiously awaiting release. Something that has me even more excited about this title is the introduction of a brand new character. Who could he be? Where is he from? Is he good or evil?"

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maniacmayhem3144d ago

I'm going to go with Gohan in God mode, either him or Goten.

NinjaRichParty3144d ago

Yeah, he does share some facial features to adult Gohan. I could see it for sure.

Although, I think I would enjoy a brand new character being brought into the series!

The_Hero3143d ago

Kamehameha wave?
Yeah; for sure Gohan or Goten or some future decendant of Goku. Maybe a distant descendant of Bulma too since he has a Capsule Corp Shirt.
He also has a cape like piccolo.

SegaGamer3144d ago

In that link it says this

"There is one “Mysterious” character that is a combination of various other Dragon Ball characters"

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Legendary-Status3144d ago

You have a good point since their best friends growing up in the present time..or could be future gohan and trunks die's instead of gohan and gohan takes over trunks mission...idk..just a guess but im kinda gettin hype for this...I hope they have ki charge in this..then im sold..but I think it was confirm just kept it out the alpha version cool if you charge up and big rocks & crater's come out the ground..but their aiming for 1080p 60 fr. & full Destruction cant wait for this

SegaGamer3144d ago

Nope, it's a combination of characters rolled into one.

Check out this link, they confirm it.

arnsekar3144d ago

Google Future Trunks, and compare to the mystery character. The Mystery Character isn't just wearing a similar jacket, it's Trunks entire outfit! My guess is a new fusion. Future Gotenks? Future Trunks + Future Gohan?

hkgamer3144d ago

that does make sense.

However, the scouter doesn't really make sense. Maybe Pan's son?

Majin-vegeta3144d ago

Its most likely a fusion of Ultimate Gohan and Future Trunks.

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The story is too old to be commented.