Petition Surfaces, Asks Ubisoft to Release UbiArt Framework as an Open Source Engine

Ubisoft's UbiArt Framework was responsible for the visually impressive 2D titles Rayman: Origins, Rayman: Legends and Child of Light and now it seems some would like to get their hands on the engine to create their own masterpieces.

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randomass1712587d ago

That would be very, very cool. Imagine the indie games we could see from such an outcome!

ajames3472586d ago

Yeah, the indie support for that engine would be staggering. Hopefully they'll consider it at least.

Timesplitter142586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

engines like Unity are very much capable of making games like Rayman Legends and Child of Light. What makes these games impressive is not the engine but the immensely talented artists who make all this 2D.

From a programming point of view, these games are so simple almost any engine would do.

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sungin2586d ago

open source+ubishit ? How It Works ?

deadfrag2586d ago

Never going to happen!!This is Ubisoft we are talking about !